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    So there have been quite a few cases of people eating other people lately. Some people say that it is due to a new drug called "bath salts".

    Bath Salt Cannibals Keep Coming Out Of The Woodwork | WebProNews

    But recently there were a couple of other strange turns of events. People started talking about IRL zombies coming from a strange virus that has not been identified yet:

    Zombie Apocalypse: CDC Denies Existence Of Zombies Despite Cannibal Incidents
    CDC to America: There Is No Zombie Apocalypse | NewsFeed | TIME.com

    The CDC was quick to respond and say that there was no Zombie Disease spreading but they did put a zombie survival guide up on their website, not as a joke, but as an analogy. Then they put 3 more up and started a regular zombie blog.

    CDC - Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response: Zombies
    CDC - Read CDC's #ZombieComic Preparedness 101 Zombie Pandemic
    CDC - Blogs - Public Health Matters Blog – Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

    Anyways, the hints in the literature point to the flu being the catalyst for the zombies. I know this is just a bunch of coincidences and tongue in cheek jokes but what kind of preps do we have for these things? Is it possible? This is precisely the kind of thing that the elite would go nuts for: a disease that spreads to everyone without a cure and they all kill each other. After a few days the disease goes away and everything is normal. I don't think coincidences are random.
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    melbo's unsolicited and off topic reply ;)

    Interesting although I wouldn't necessarily equate the fact that one has no home with synthetic drug use and zombie like behavior.

    Homeless is certainly catchy but a better term for these people would be substance abusing, criminally oriented, street vagrant although SACOSV isn't as catchy to news anchors or conservative bloggers.

    Something like 95% of citizens of the United States are less than 2 months away from homelessness with paycheck to paycheck lifestyles which include heavily financed debt that is mathematically unpayable when compared to their incomes of around 10% per year of their total debt.
    edit: This comment was based on pre-TARP times and not considering new forclosure rules which allow mortgage defaulters to remain in their homes for significantly longer periods of time than was normal 5 years ago. Would we consider year long non-paying squatters to still be homeowners?

    Aside, my wife asked me the other day how so and so next door has so many new toys (RV(s), snowmobiles, harleys, ATVs, 4 cars and a SUV (2 Adults!!!). I know what he does and I also know that statistically he makes between 65 and 85 thousand a year - factor lower end for my small town. I answered that all you need is 10% down at the high end for nearly anything you want. 100,000 can purchase 1 million dollars worth of toys...
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    It's just folks who can no longer afford to purchase Soylent Green products, so they go into withdrawal and *chomp*.[notworking]

    It's people! ohno
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    The CDC zombie webpages were up well before these "bath salts" incidents occurred. The purpose was to ride the wave of zombie popularity and reach a market that normally does not think ahead. They wanted people to be prepared for a small emergency.

    So, making a causal link to something that happened in the past as a response is foolish.
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    Yes some were in the past but they also responded to the recent attacks which by definition came after and there is also the continuing zombie blog. They responded to the strange rashes popping up all over also but the important thing is that there are going to be real life zombies. Don't blame me when they start eating your brain because I can read the signs. Seriously.
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    I'm diggin' the "Ignore List". Keep adding another person every week.
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    Well at least I make myself laugh.
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    Don't worry Alice will save us.
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    I'm going with the statement
    'Alice will save us'
    It's our only hope!
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    In other news:
    Doctor spits blood at police; man throws intestines at SWAT | Undead Report

    "On May 30 in Hackensack New Jersey, police responded to a man barricaded in his home. When approached by officers, Wayne Carter, 43, began waving a hammer and knife madly about, slashing at police. He then proceeded to stab himself at the stomach, literally having his intestines fall out. He then began throwing pieces of his skin and intestines at officers, and was finally disarmed after two cans of pepper spray and non-lethal rounds."
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    Sensationalism and fear mongering sell.

    Run for the hills, the zombies are coming! ohno
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