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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tyler Danann, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. Tyler Danann

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    I adapted this for Youtube. It's set in Europe and concerns the awakening of a young man from marxist infested schools to being...


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    Well...that was sort of interesting. I think you need to define your definition of 'Volkish' up front as this is the underlying basis for your graphic novel/story. I had to look it up even though I lived in Germany 14 years so... There is many ways this word can be interpreted, some good and some bad. And, if I was from the Nordic countries I am sure I would have understood it better but I am an American, a Yankee so while not completely ignorant of Nordic culture I sadly don't know enough about it. I did however enjoy the music and your creativity. Interesting!
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    Well, at first when I began watching this, I felt similar to when I first caught a glimpse into midget porn; I was confused and at the very same time, slightly aroused. This has much potential, if I do say so myself.

    Carry on.
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    LOL. Thanks guys.

    Yeah Volkish equals Folkish. It means ethnocentric people for Europa basically. Not the trash they are trying to pass off as 'refugees' :)
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  6. Tyler Danann

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    Yeah thanks Brokor. It is indeed a different 'music'.

    Here's some more to keep the troops entertained! :)

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  8. Tyler Danann

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    Iron Pill goes to the loins of the beast and faces off against the porn barons...

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