Ironwood and coconut test Cold Steel Tanto machete

Discussion in 'Blades' started by H.I.S Survival, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. this is my first impression video of the cold steel Tanto machete. made in South Africa at 1055 Steel. I chop Ironwood and open coconuts.

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    I think these and the bowie machetes from Cold Steel are solid bang for the buck.
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    Yeah, if the ironwood in Hawaii is anything like the ironwood we had in Guam, it did pretty well! Whenever we had one of those trees fall, during a typhoon, and had to cut it up to dispose of it afterwards, I would have to re-sharpen the chainsaw blades twice a day! Once at lunchtime, and once at the end of the day, for the next morning, because they would dull so badly, cutting that hardwood!

    Nice review....and it looked like you had fun doing it! (y)
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    Good vid, thanks!
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    Getting a Cold Steel catalog is like Christmas for me(or it would be, if I had the money to buy everything I want!).
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    I am a big fan of the two handed machete don't go many places with out it should see the looks I get in church.



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    Another awesome video @H.I.S Survival Your reviews are great and very thorough.
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  8. Thank you I'm having a blast making videos. Mahalo

    Awesome I'll have to check it out thanks

    the Ironwood here is from Australia brought here by a pirate named Mackenzie along time ago for ship building. I believe it's same same. Ironwood is dangerous...falls over all the time. Not good to camp under. Mahalo

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    The iron wood I am familiar with has to be handled with heavy leather gloves, safety glasses and a sledge hammer , chain saws need carbide teeth to last very long, and at that you work an hour and swap off chains .
    It's not long enough wood to make any thing of but for fire wood, very brittle very dense almost petrified . very hot burning, too hot to burn alone in a wood stove .
    Chains have to be sharpened at the saw shop, a file won't touch it.
    As for the machete , those i use on manzanita .
    I am surprised that cold steel put out as soft a material, (could be the heat treat) but a machete is more for cutting brush ,not logs or fire wood.
    Thankful for your demonstration however , it is evident that they are relying on their name, like so many when they take their manufacturing over seas.
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