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    By LAUREN FRENCH | 07/09/13 9:33 AM EDT
    IRS RELEASES THOUSANDS OF SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS. The Internal Revenue Service accidentally released thousands of Social Security numbers, the transparency watchdog group has found. The group’s founder Carl Malamud released two audits detailing how the Social Security numbers were accidentally included on 990-T forms distributed by the IRS and also included on the agency’s website on data for political nonprofits known as 527s. On the Form 990-Ts, more than 2,000 Social Security numbers were released accidentally, Malamud said after being publicly available for more than two months. The IRS sends those forms to any interested parties but agency officials called Malamud asking him to take data from January off his website. After reviewing the information, Malamud discovered the Social Security numbers — belonging to a diverse mix of taxpayers — and is now asking the IRS to inform the taxpayers that their private IDs were publicly distributed — but the IRS isn’t talking, he said. The second disclosure of Social Security numbers were on the IRS’s website in data about 527 groups. “What pisses me off about the 527 data is that I had a long conversation with Lois Lerner her former boss Joseph Grant…and we talked about section 527 privacy issues. And Lerner knew that. She knew the database was dirty and she didn’t care,” Malamud told Morning Tax. A request for comment to both the IRS and Lerner’s attorney went unanswered. Here are the audits and the letter Malamud sent to the White House criticizing the IRS’s action: (Audit 1), (Audit 2) and (letter).
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    Wait until the IRS accidentally releases our SSNs in relationship to the ObamaCare fiasco.
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    Might be a while, so far, if you want to believe OBAMAcare, they still do not have the "HUB" set up/programmed so the systems can talk to each other for that "SEAMLESS" one set down per person to fill out the magic numbers for all that free health care.
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    Buddy went to Lowe's last week and put in for a credit card while there. They ended up wanting his SS # and he told them no, canceled the request, and left. He asked them how illegals could come in w/o drivers license or SS# and get one.
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    Accident my butt....
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