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    Yep, we know everything about you. Ok maybe if you don't use electronic comms and possibly the postal service.

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    It's not necessarily "surveillance", since that would be impossible. What's going on is a concerted effort to collect data, wherever possible on every citizen, track their spending habits and categorize them for future reference at a moment's notice. The fusion centers study and track people, collect raw data and establish routine methods, while the data centers store the information. We each have a master file with all our information, conversations, spending habits, bank accounts, credit cards, you name it -all in one, easy to access location. Now, there are people who are under surveillance, but they are the priority targets or any citizen who pops up on the radar. But, there is no way the government could ever actively watch everybody.

    It's still a frightening concept, and it is a reality. Be careful with those little membership tags you can pick up at virtually any gas station, grocery market and convenience store; nearly all of them are linked to a database, somewhere.
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    This is retroactive surveillance. Once you have been targeted, they can work your contacts/connections backwards looking for dirt and co-conspirators . scary stuff.
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    Where should one start? How about SSN's at birth. Drivers licenses, marriage licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, Military ID cards for active and retired. Fingerprints when you entered the military. State ID cards if you don't drive. Voter registration cards, medical records, educational records, etc.
    How many lists can you be placed on?
    Are you boistrous in your words or actions that bring attention to yourself or are you silent and stay below the wire?
    Are you important enough for the spooks to watch or are you just a plain joe going about the daily bussiness of surviving?
    99.99% of us are on a list somewhere.
    Unless your an illegal alien with false papers that can drop out anytime.
    Myself I'm on multiple lists.
    Am I worried, not in the slightest.
    I like many of us fall into the catagory of the plain joe trying to survive.
    I'm not anyone the government would be interested in.
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    So, shall we all say Eff Yoo in unison to the snoopy snooperton's? 1..2..3.. EFF YOO!!
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    IMO, we and anyone else who is on a "survivalist" or related site has a file on themselves. Say anything even hinting of disliking the gub or it's practices and will guarantee you a place on a file somewhere. LOL, I should be close to the top of some of them--and do not give a rat's azz. I figure there are two ways to "hide"--plain out in the open or disappearing. If we disappear we do not remain part of the solution. Have a few buds that do things this way--say nothing , join nothing, and affect nothing. Glad to see all you domestic terrorists types here--just part Janet Reno's/Hitlery's vast right wing conspirators. Not a bad crowd to be found in the way I see it.
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    You can get your FBI File, by Requesting it, under the Freedom of Information Act.... I got mine, years ago, when I was undergoing my Security Clearance, when joining the FCC. It was a VERY Interesting Read, even though there were whole sections, redacted, because of a National Security issue, I had, when I was in college. Who new J. Edger Hoover was so interested in little old "Me".... I am sure it is much thicker, NOW.....
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