is is to much for a 14 year old?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by clemsonguy81, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. clemsonguy81

    clemsonguy81 remington 700 cdl 30-06!

    one of my sons is 14 and wants a smith and wesson model 29 44 magnum with a blued finish. he is 5 ft and 7 in. and weighs about 158 lbs.
    i was wondering about the kick of it. i mean would it jump out of his hands?

    i have come to like revolvers and own a 357 mag and a 22 but we wont be shooting this 44 much.
  2. clemsonguy81

    clemsonguy81 remington 700 cdl 30-06!

    actually i forgot which do you think is better for home defense 357 mag or 44 mag?
  3. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    He's big enough, but practice WILL be needed. Gotta get a pretty good grip on 44s, they do buck a mite, and if limp wristed, he'll crease his noggin with the front sight.

    Luck with it. :D
  4. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    In the sure and certain knowledge that this will bring on a useless debate, home defense is a different kettle of fish from room clearing. (Defense, to my mind, is holding the BGs away from the door. You've demonstrated that you have your mind made up about that.) For clearing the house, in my estimation, 44 is way too much, and 357 is getting there too. Unless you load it with 38 spl, which is ample.

    My opinion only.
  5. clemsonguy81

    clemsonguy81 remington 700 cdl 30-06!

    im not sure but my 357 looks alot like the model 29 44 mag. i think ill try to get that but keep it as kind of a collectors item. ill load my 357 with 38 special and that will be fine.
    but if someone tried to brake in the house man i would bring out the old model 29 44 mag and tell the guy "are ya feeling lucky.....punk" then i would do what i have to do.
  6. ozarkgoatman

    ozarkgoatman Resident goat herder

    Just put 44 speical rounds in it and he will likely be able to shoot it. Then build him up to the 44 mag rounds. There are weman out there his size shooting 44 mags and bigger rounds, they didn't start out shooting mags though.

  7. Tracy

    Tracy Insatiably Curious Moderator Founding Member

    How does your son know he wants a 44 if he's never shot one? Just for the "cool" factor?

    If it were me (and I know it's not); I'd be more apt to get myself a 44 (heh heh heh) and let him learn about them and their action.:)
  8. clemsonguy81

    clemsonguy81 remington 700 cdl 30-06!

    thanks people and ill teach him with the 357 mag then MAYBE we will get a 44 mag.
    ooh yea and i just went to dick's today and bought some 38 special ammo for my 357 mag
  9. clemsonguy81

    clemsonguy81 remington 700 cdl 30-06!

    oh yes and that 357 mag is an S&W model 19. thats what i think it is. i use it for self defense.
  10. dragonfly

    dragonfly Monkey+++

    My Personal preference for in the home defense...
    A nice 18 inch barreled 20 gauge, with #4 or 00 buckshot.
    A pistol gripped stock would be even better!
    Now, most light shot would not penetrate the walls of a standard home, with the exception of say 00 buckshot. I'd be hesitant to go beyond #4 shot.
    Reason for the 20 gauge....light, short, and easy to manueuver around in a home with.
    I'd hate to kill an innocent neighbor, 2-3 blocks away, if I fired my .357 in the house!
    Since my walls are not made of cinder/masonry block, even the .38 would bother me as to the penetration factor in a miss!
    But I have seem strange things happen with the 9mm's and the .38's.
    In the case of a .38, fired in a convenience store, the round broke the first pane of the cooler door glass, and wedged in between the 2 panes.
    I have seen a 9mm round literally bounce off a car windshield, at a distance of 10-12 feet, just starring it externally.
    On the .44...
    My oldest son, a deputy here, bought one...
    He came to me to test fire it, and I gave him 3 loads....
    1) a light .44 special...2) a standard loaded round, 3) a heavier/hotter round.
    Now, he stands 6 ft 4 in, weighs 185, and his hands dwarf mine in their size....
    1st round, no problem but a noticeable rise in the muzzle for sure, and a LOT of noise.
    2nd round, I had to take him to get his forehead stitched up!
    It hit him like an axe, and it required 12 stiches to close the gap in his forehead....he never got hit by the front sight, which we came to find out, probably would have killed him. He only was hit by the barrel and frame!
    So, I don't recommend a .44 to anyone, that is smaller in stature and weight than the late Mr. Dan Blocker!
    My yongest son, now 19, started out shooting my .357 when he was 12.
    Never had a single problem, except the weight of the revolver was too much to maintain a good sight picture for him, that was then...NOT today!
  11. NVBeav

    NVBeav Monkey+++

    One of my big considerations for buying is the ability to buy a few hundred rounds of ammo without breaking the bank... Maybe you could show your son the cost of re-supplying the various handguns, and then tell him he needs to help in its "feeding" and cleaning (not to mention putting rounds away for a rainy day). It's a great opportunity to teach a life lesson :^) !
  12. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer



    S&W mdl 29: 8 3/8"
    Ruger super blackhawk 7.5"
    Ruger redhawk


    Sold every one of em: Big,bulky, heavy to carry,Expensive to feed without hand loading(for me anyway couldn't afford to practice much with it.Abig deal with a.44), big muzzle blast, recoil,A handfull ofsteel but less powerful than a 30-30.
    What's it good for?

    Everybody should try one once; Comforting feeling in a big shoulder holster( I gots me"foty-fo"!).IMHO:A 4" "N" frame smith is the most well proportioned beautiful handgun to look at just edging out a blued 6" python. High movie recognition and hunting/portable last ditch protection from large animals at typical hand gun range (underwear staining range); though, Elmer Kieth would differ on the range part. Guides carry12ga's and large cal rifles. Cause having a client get eaten is bad for business;a bear attack is no time to play macho.

    buy him a .44 cap and ball walker for xmas
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