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    You use whatever resources you have available in a survival situation. The modern gear saves time and makes staying comfortable and fed easier. The longer the timeline of the event, the more primitive skills can become important to replace used up or lost modern gear.

    If you run out of beans, bullets, and bandaids, or are forced to abandon your gear, or lose it, then the primitive skills will enable you to increase your odds of survival.

    Primitive survival skills need practice to attain proficiency at them before the need arises, and they can be difficult to learn due to much misinformation, like Mr. Bishop in the prior post pointed out about the correct way to throw a bolo, where the books, which all seem to copy each other, teach a way that doesn't really work well in the field. To carry a survival book in your BOB to use when the chips are down is about as effective as carrying a karate manual in your pocket in case you are mugged.

    I have studied and practiced primitive survival techniques for around 35 years and assure you there is no graduation day, before that I was an equipment camper for 20 some years. The two actually meld well with each other, as I carry my modern equipment and have my primitive skills between my ears.

    It's autumn and the acorns are falling, go get some and try them out as food, then sharpen up your bow drill fire building skills. If the bow drill is mastered, then try the hand drill. When you go wilderness wandering leave one piece of modern gear at home, and learn how to replace it from what you can find outdoors in your locale. Eventually you will know how to get along without any modern equipment should the need arise.

    Train, train, train, your life depends on it.
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    I love this debate! Some people hunt with muzzle loaders and call it primitive. It's a gun! Use a cartridge! Lol. But, like many of you have said, what's primitive? An adl adl is modern tech to the spear...
    On the the original subject, I have several lighters in my Bob and a modern fire starter kit, and string for bow drill, or. Redundancy is key, P.A.C.E.
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    Here's the thing,
    Competition will be at the greatest volume in the beginning and any one with modern means are going to be using them.
    If some one is coming after you with an AK, and you've chosen to defend your self with a musket ,the chances of survival are "not " in your favor at all. or may be your an anti gun nut, and hurl insults. same results.
    Point is , in order to accommodate the volume ,a volume tool is required .
    Some one comes with a gatling gun you return with a mini gun =gatling on steroids .
    A time passes and people (Raiders) are thinned out and gotten smarter and more stealthy , those using weapons that reach further with out endangering them selves to much, will be what's left.
    Bows and arrows won't matter much, neither will black powder .
    Only after modern arms are completely exhausted will the meager lesser tools become valued.
    The deception,
    A tactic I think would be effective, is using a lesser means initially when returning fire, to lull the enemy into thinking that's the best you've got, and tempt them into range you are more comfortable with using a weapon far greater than the first.
    I'm not a professional soldier , however I understand the power of illusion, and using old clothing and straw or any other packing media one can scavenge ,dummies can be made to appear as troops .
    The better they are made, realistically placed , the more ammo is wasted of the enemy. and too possibly exposing their position.
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    Deception can be a very useful force multiplier. Usually it doesn't cost much more than some imaginative thinking, and scrap material.
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    Another tactic I' am developing is the use of a false front, buildings far enough from the main compound that raiders are likely to be hitting first. and place microphones all around the area to eves drop on any conversation going on there,and or use it for remote teams to check in .
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    Neat idea.
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    You got that from blazing saddles! Hehe
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    Actually I didn't think of that but ya the same principle applies to some degree .
    Although I didn't have rigging it for explosives though .
    It's likely that raiders will do damage them selves , I merely need surveillance information as to their motives and plans ,if that's possible . Also the microphones would be placed out side in the ground because it is likely that the house will be burned .
    This is why I believe that it is important to maintain modern technology ,something others will not expect .
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