Is The Constitution Still Relevant?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ditch witch, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. ditch witch

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    There's a poll on, right hand side midway down the page, asking if the Constitution is still relevant. ATM it's running 84% Yes and 16% saying it's outdated.

    Given Yahoo's so-far-left-we're-off-the-chart stance I don't know whether to be glad it's ONLY 16% or disgusted/horrified that it's that high.
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    It's not so much that we have this hybridized form of tyranny and massive disinformation network, but we are also surrounded and vastly outnumbered by zombie clones who don't even understand the Constitution was designed to limit government. They assume because the Bill of Rights exists, that's all there is to it; and yet --these rights are not derived from Constitution or government, because the people are sovereign. There's no amount of time spent in public schools that can teach them these things, they are taught about all the historical aspects concerning war, not liberty.

    Not surprising to see 16% vote on the side of ignorance. I thought it would be around 40% to be honest.
  3. ditch witch

    ditch witch I do stupid crap, so you don't have to

    I met the Mr for lunch and some of his work buddies came along. I mentioned that poll and one of the guys got REALLY offended because the Constitution "gives you the right to an attorney and the right to remain silent and what idiot would say that's outdated??"

    Pass the vodka please.
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    What people do not realize about our so-called "News Media" is that the papers, television, etc. are all pandered by the same lobbyists that so heavily influence our bought politicians. Would they ever harm a potential advertiser? not likely. Powerful lobbyists are the bane to freedom.
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    No DW, you don't need the Vodka, dulls the senses. What is needed is for the party to kindly remove himself from the gene pool and pray it's before he votes.

    NOWHITEFLAG Live Free or Die Trying

    Asking if the "Constitution" is relevant is kinda asking a loaded question. Keep in mind that when it was written Senators weren't elected by popular vote. They were appointed by the Governors and State Legislators to protect the "Collective Rights" of the Peoples of each State.
    The members of the "House of Representatives" were elected by the People of each District in the State to protect the interest of the people in that district. The changing of that little clause in the 'Constitution for ever changed the balance of power away from the States and moved it to a National Centralised form of governance. And that opened up a can of worms and really gave a Federal Government to much control and in many ways made it all legal to the point the Supreme Court is complicit.
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