Is there any hope?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hazmat54, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Hazmat54

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    Is there? I am just sitting on a bar stool drunk. I was going to play the greatest hits of 1972 on the jukebox. Got the first 5, then young folks came in. Musical crap ensued. The news media is totally biased. ABDNC, CBDNC, and NBDNC. We will not bring up the Commie News Network. Our Ambassador was murdered! Not even a guard, on the anniversary of 9-11! What the hell! The blabbering class just blabbers on. Not a single news source will cover what's important. And it's last call. Maybe I should just join the FSA and not worry. Got to swing by the gas station and get an ice cream bar on the walk home. Beer was cold, bartender is hot. And my damn state will give all its electoral votes to Obama. Many graveyards in Cook county, and they vote.
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    That's what's cool about the's like a cyber-bar 24/7. You walk in, talk about some bs going on in the world....maybe talk about something cool like a gun or a knife....or a new 4x4. Maybe get into a heated debate with some ol curmudgeon and then think...."well, it's better than talking to a libtard."

    Alas, there's no pictures of hot chix that pop-up randomly during the experience..........THAT would be cool. I say there should be a Monkey calendar with chix with guns, knives, cast iron, mylar, and ammo belts.

    Who's with me?? [boozingbuddies]
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  3. UGRev

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    There's 3% hope.. so yes. :D
  4. tacmotusn

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    This is for the guys. (or the ladies looking for ways to spice thing up, or who lean this way.) What can I say, these gals are hot. when you open this up, click in the "read the full story" link next to the picture. This will bring up more info on that gal, and another honey holding some serious hardware, and a slide show option. Click on those arrows for a treat.
    Don't I wish a few of these tacgirls were Tac's girls!
  5. ghrit

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    Well, now I know where Mortis gets some of his pix.
  6. tacmotusn

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    Took the post I had here down, sorry, I didn't want to get "baned". Will start a mature content "girls n guns thread" in the inferno. Got what I think is an acceptable Video to get it started.
    So you guys who want to see this, go there, please post as well, screen well, and keep it reasonable.
  7. TheEconomist

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    Not safe for work?
  8. ghrit

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    Definitely was not. Tac did the right thing with it. I bet if you start a conversation with him, he'll give you the link.
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    I have chosen...wisely.

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  10. Yes. There is hope as long as we believe in our fellow humans instead of Big Brother and Big Science and Big Religion.
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    Funny thing. My spouses's company (electricity) sends out this email yesterday about this being national preparedness month and some links to videos and info on emergency stuff. Strange. I have not seen this with civilian companies much before. Not my own even company does although I know that quite a few people at work "believe in zombies".
  12. BTPost

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    Yep, Just like the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, and Halloween Goblins.... All Great "Marketing Tools" in use by our Madison Ave. Friends.....
  13. Atheists believe there is no deity. Theists believe there is a deity. Agnostics, like myself, might think a deity is inevitable, but we cannot prove it... with current technology.

    I tend to imagine, when SHTF, the ones without phags will become bloody zombies as their addiction rips out any conscience they may have left.
  14. mysterymet

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    Not literal zombies.
  15. ... as opposed illiterate zombies?

    (...couldn't resist :D )

    I tend to classify the zombie along with the gothic mindset, steampunk (which is actually sort of cool ), vampires, werewplves etcetera. Role playing.

    Consider this: If we were doing an exhaustive or even cursory study of terrorist groups comprised of steampunks waiting to awaken on some command moment, would we call that steam cell research? :D

    Once again excuse me. That literal zombie seemed like such an oxymoron, it set off my funny bone generator...
  16. Love and hope go hand in hand,
    But only humans tune the band.
    The beasts are only mesmerized,
    They never understand man's lies.
    The monkey treats it all as truth.
    While Mother Nature stays aloof.
    The few live on to see it all.
    While life on Earth prepares to fall.

    Dr. C.
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