Is this evidence that the wheels are coming off?

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    Posted to Fox News, employee misconduct at EPA as well as political infighting between Office of Inspector General and the National Security Agency. Seems like the potential for realignment of responsibilities on the surface, but when you consider the idea of removing all of the armed security guards from the BLM and the potential conflict brewing between the other agencies, I see a recipe for major upset or reorganization with realignment of reporting and responsibility. Of course, all this would be the result of Executive Order, yet again.
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    After reading things like that I wonder if part of working for the gov't is to leave your morals at the door. It is the same old thing. I think last month it was IRS agents don't pay taxes and they get bonuses that they don't pay taxes on those either. No one got up in arms.

    How hardened/unaffected to these stories are you? It is one agency after another cheating, stealing, lying, covering up and do as I say not as I do. It is basically the way of gov't. This is a quote from a different article on the same subject.
    Performance awards, for what? They have free money so spread it around, that is what they do.
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    Tired and ready--bring it on. Political crap is so slimy and stinks horribly.
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    I believe that there are a mix of government employees; some that care but not enough, some that don't care, and some that feel they can't care and that they are trapped. All of these forms of reconcilation are simply a means of rationalization to accept the morally bankrupt government that is slowly erasing freedom and independance. However, I also believe that we are all guilty of the same crime to some degree. We each accept the fate we see as writing on the wall when we fail to take a stand and say, "Enough."

    I'm guilty too. I've felt since elementary school and middle school civics class, "one man can't have any effect" on government. I believe that that lie was planted and left to germinate in our minds as a means to subvert resistance. The only way things will change is when "enough is enough" and we stand up to government to dismantle the machine that is totally broken and effectual.
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