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    In my research I have not come across a real scenario about the real people in power <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com[​IMG]The NWO is just edging for a disaster to happen or to m<st1:personName>an</st1:personName>ipulate the markets <st1:personName>an</st1:personName>d for fin<st1:personName>an</st1:personName>cial disaster so they c<st1:personName>an</st1:personName> implement their pl<st1:personName>an</st1:personName>. The NWO states that a world population of 500 million people would be a perfect world. Where are the other 500 million people going to go? Remember they own the news…Why do you think we only see the red carpet <st1:personName>an</st1:personName>d sports? They don’t w<st1:personName>an</st1:personName>t to tell you the truth. It’s like some bad James Bond movie……..
    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com[​IMG]Here is the reality of it. They will m<st1:personName>an</st1:personName>ipulate the dollar as they did with the housing market because the NWO is the World B<st1:personName>an</st1:personName>k. Gas prices will increase, economies will fall, people out of work, no food in the stores. As this is happening the NWO National Guard, FEMA COPS <st1:personName>an</st1:personName>d Black Water mercenaries will take over the small towns as they are easier to take (they are already in your nationhood.) Your guns will be taken so you are defenseless <st1:personName>an</st1:personName>d cart you off to a FEMA camp for forced labor to build the NWO. You will loose your home <st1:personName>an</st1:personName>d everything you own. They have infrared <st1:personName>an</st1:personName>d c<st1:personName>an</st1:personName> see through walls so you c<st1:personName>an</st1:personName>not hide. As the horde kills themselves, the mercenaries who have been hired from other countries who won’t care about killing you, will gas the cities <st1:personName>an</st1:personName>d blame it on some p<st1:personName>an</st1:personName>demic. Remember they have shut down the electricity <st1:personName>an</st1:personName>d you have no communications. They will not care that you are self sustaining, they will not care about <st1:personName>an</st1:personName>ything or <st1:personName>an</st1:personName>yone. There is no way we c<st1:personName>an</st1:personName> fight off the world. I am not scared of running out of food or water or the arrival of the horde, I am deathly afraid of the government <st1:personName>an</st1:personName>d its intentions.

    Am I crazy? Delusional? Have <st1:personName>an</st1:personName> off base imagination? Or is this stuff real?
    C<st1:personName>an</st1:personName> WE THE PEOPLE fight the world government?
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    You are not crazy in any way shape or form.
    I sure miss Charlton Heston, we need more like him, where are they?
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    Since the 1980's, nobody has known who the real investors are in the world bank, IMF, Bank of England, and especially the Federal Reserve -all private corporations with unlimited power. I have my own suspicions, but they amount to nothing without proof. Even still, we should err on the side of caution because these people went to great lengths to be kept secret. We know who the 12 major families were leading up to the Reagan days, but soon after it all went black under national security and other methods. Good luck trying to find these scumbags, and I hope you are fluent in Hebrew, too.
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    I don't think you are crazy at all. I believe there is a real plan by an elite few to control the world with a one world government. It is much easier to control a smaller, unarmed, uneducated population than a larger, armed, aware one. I think anyone that shows any freedom of thinking ends up on a threat list somewhere. Can we the people fight a one world government? Absolutely. Can we win? I don't know, but the alternative is unacceptable and that alone is reason enough to try.
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    I dunno. I kinda got stuck here:

    Thinking inside the continental U.S., that is pure crap.

    I realize I have no grounds to expect to be believed. But none the less, I'm telling you; that is pure crap. It is far more likely the people employed and/or trained by Blackwater (now Xe) will show up in your area and stop the goblins from burning down your houses and raping your women.

    For free.
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