Is this the beginning of SHTF?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bnmb, Sep 19, 2010.

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    The beginning of SHTF started a long while back.seesaw
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    We had an economic collapse about 2yrs. ago. Now we are climbing out of the hole that a failed business left us in. We aren't out of the woods yet but there is light at the end of the tunnel and it's not another on coming train!!!! b:: All I can say is store up as much beans and rice as you think you need then store some more. With a 22lr rifle and a box trap or 2 you can keep some meat in them beans. We almost lost our farm twice in the last 2yrs but we never took public hand outs and we never went to bed hungry.

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    From my perspective things are going bad fast, I don't get out to the "world" very often (thanks God) but I went to the big city last month and noticed that most of the people looked like zombies.

    Of course the best place to observe was at the wallyfart parking lot, I didn't go in cuz I forgot that I had my gun in the truck and the doors don't lock. I sat on the roof of the truck watching people, most looked like there were medicated for pre op and waiting for the cutter.
    While watching the cattle go about their important business with carts full of diet pepsi and garbage I noticed that the guy two spots over who did not look like the rest. Once I noticed him he spoke up as he was filling a 18 ft trailer with water, food, meds. He said to me " I see you are noticing the zombies" I told him that it was rare for me to be there and It may be my narrow perspective but the looked like zombies to me also.
    With that he tells me he just moved from rural TN to eastern AZ on 160 acres and was in final prep for the coming collapse. I sat their talking to him while waiting for my wife to come out of the store with our olive oil and TP. We watched the wallyfart zombies coming out of the store for the next 30 minutes.

    It was very reassuring to know that I was not the only one who noticed how dumbed down and medicated they all looked. Yes there was the occasional lucid looking person but no one under 50 looked like they were actually alive.


    With all that said I feel that we are in the final stages of a full blown collapse, IMHO in the next 6 months we will all see the end of things like

    Food Stamps

    What you need to think of is what will your world look like with no government money to the needy people in your area. For most this will mean complete chaos, I know I go on about this subject but I encounter people all the time who can't bring themselves to even buy a 20lb bag of beans to put by for hard times.

    Gerald Celente has said that he expects a banking holiday soon, that will be when the government takes people retirement accounts, private bank accounts etc . That will be when the end comes.

    If your not ready get FOOD!, with out it you die.

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    Good Observations

    I cannot find a flaw with the maxim: Those who fail to prepare are preparing to fail.

    There is a school of investment theory that is called contrarian. In other words, whatever other people are doing, do the opposite. If you are comfortable "going with the flow" it is disturbing how often the contrarians outperform those who commit to feeding the most popular fad stocks of the day.

    Clearly, most folks do not appear to be focused upon survival. When the SHTF, we far-sighted few will be swimming in a sea of desperate victims.

    For those who have eyes to see, a trip to Walmart is a sociological commentary and expose'.

    Rice & Beans are a solid foundation for food storage against an extended season of need.

    My family knows all too well that I vigorously disapprove of carbonated beverages. Once I heard the term "fizzy sugar-water" applied to them, I had to adopt that phrase as one of my own.
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    You know its been a long time since I seen someone buy alot of canned food. Everyone must look at me like a freak then.
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    Swimming???....Looks more like drowning to me...and not to mention sharks...they hunt in packs! [gun]
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    I enjoy watching the sheeple when we go into town and almost always stay in the parking lot and let the wife shop, unless it involves guns, ammo or preps. Amazing how clueless and secure most people are when they are around other people. That is when I go into code orange mode and pay more attention to what is going on.
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    I know what you mean. When go up the cashier with a cart full of canned food they always give me a strange look.
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    I have a story ready and it has worked well each time I buy $400-$600 in canned goods!
    I tell them I run a boy scout troop up in Northern Arizoan out in the woods, where the kids are always hungry, and if they can't catch fish, I have to feed all of them rascals! Works even better when I take my son and a couple, friends of his ( all now in their 20's)...makes it all look legit!
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    Funny that you mentioned when TSHTF coming...
    I was prepping as far back as 1980....( don't ask!)
    But, it really hit home by November in 2001, here anyway.
    I watched 19 machine shops go out of business.
    Some within a few days, others lingered on for a month or more....
    We lost all of our contracts ( some were DOD) and they all went to China.
    I retruned to private security and was glad to find the pay was almost as good as in aerospace machining!
    Nothing seemed to recoup or recover sonce then.
    I know a lot of people in many varied trades, that lost their jobs as the business' went under.
    Only a handful with "specialized" skillsets had any hope at all!
    Like the welder, and the 2 guys that repair small engines and generators....
    Everyone was being laid off, having hours and pay cuts, and there seemed to be no end to the insanity.
    Today, not much has changed since then. I see a lot of unemployed out there trying to get any kind of work, but those really hard hit are the ones that have only a single skill.
    Today, it really does pay to be a "Jack Of All Trades".
    At least you have a chance!
    Lately I see a lot of unemployed selling anything they can, from yardsales, and even door to door, fruits, vegetables, and so on......
    Large corporations are cuting back too, stopping their incremmental raises, bonuses, and no longer providing decent insurance for any of the "peons"/ employees, ONLY the elite are getting any benefits today.
    Yeah I'd say it's already started and on a downhill slide....and there more than likely won't be any recovery until the gubers gets out of people's pockets and business, and lets the free market recoup on it's own accord.
    Or, it's all too similar to "the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire"!
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    Up until about two years ago, I have two web sites that were doing fairly well selling for me. Now, business is down about 95% I have made a grand total of $210.00 this month and that is not enough to even go to the grocery store. My land and house are paid off , solar is my elect and still it is almost impossible to make it. I can't begin to imagine what it will be like for people living in the city with a mortgage eating them up every month, car payments, ins etc. If the loonie left congress passes the crap tax we are going to be doomed. We don't have a wallyworld here, as our town is so small, but we do have a lot of friends. I just ordered 12 #10 cans of white rice and I am almost affraid I won't have the money to pay it. That is embarrasing to say the least. What will this loonie gobermut through at as next ? That should be the question I think.
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    The problem is, the Loony Left are elected abd kept in power by two primary types of 'voters'....
    1) The Elitists like lesser politicians, Hollywood entertainers and other such that basically 'have it made' - they are not hurting with the increased taxes and costs passed on to the 'little people'.
    2) The Entitlement Society, the Welfare Class - they too are 'taken care of', in payment for their voting support.
    Both classes outnumber the 'common man and woman' who are the major tax-payers. So we are sheered like sheep, to pay the Welfare checks and provide a market for the 'entertainers'.......

    bobo the whitehouse clown is already hard at work rallying his Koolade-drunk supporters for this next election. We must work harder to maintain some semblance of honesty in the election cycle, and convince enough 'fence-sitters' to come to our side.
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    Blast from the past...
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    it is not even started yet.

    I have been told a new batch of home issues is looming
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    First demolitions went off September 2007. That's when the treasury was looted the first time. Much more to come and the problem is this: What are you supposed to do with the tree that bears no fruit?

    We have ceased to be useful on the world stage except as bodyguards and plunderers. When we start to fail at that task, we will be cut down and cast into the fire.
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    Sounds exactly like Rome in her death throws, shortly before she was sacked, burned, and pillaged. I, this lone legionnaire, will fight to protect his villa even from the congressional and senatorial folly.
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    Yep, what is happening to us parallels Ancient Rome in a lot of ways. They grew too fast, began letting the barbarians in, and ultimately used the Horde as their military and even raised non-Romans to the ruling class........

    Think the next 'Dark Ages' will be as long as that after The Fall of Rome...? [shtf]
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    +1 i'm finding out the same thing here
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