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    Tue, 01/15/2008 - 13:00 - Wire Services</ABBR>

    The British government and London's Metropolitan Police came under heavy criticism today for mercilessly beating up Britain's iconic peace protester Brian Haw over the weekend.
    In an unprovoked attack by a police officer, Brian was assaulted in the face with his own camera and arrested while observing a demonstration against the ban on unauthorised protest under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA) which was taking place outside Downing Street.
    Mr. Haw, who was bleeding from the assault, was then dragged into the police van where he was further assaulted by policeman, according to witnesses.
    "I utterly condemn the aggressive mishandling of Brian Haw during Saturday's demonstration, and his subsequent treatment while in the custody of police," Green MEP Caroline Lucas said. "He is a passionate and peaceful campaigner, and a popular hero following his outstanding efforts to publicly oppose the Iraq war."
    According to other protesters arrested along with Mr. Haw, the peace protester was once again badly assaulted before being strip searched and charged under the SOCPA.
    "This incident provides yet more proof that police actions taken under the terms of SOCPA are putting a stranglehold on civil liberties and threatening the right to gather in peaceful protest," Lucas added. "It is a sad day for this country when the face of modern democracy is frightened and bloodied and peering out of a police van on a Saturday afternoon."
    Mr. Haw came into international prominence when he won the Channel 4 Political Personality of the Year Award 2007 by popular vote.
    It is estimated that the British authorities have spent almost half a million pounds (million US dollars) trying to evict Mr. Haw from Parliamentary Square, where he has been since 2nd June 2001.
    While the government has succeeded in severely restricting his rights to protest by passing laws specifically against thwarting him, courts have ruled that these pieces of legislation cannot be invoked retroactively, and allowed Mr. Haw to continue to protest.
    Lucas called on the Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who promised to look into the SOCPA, to stop these forms of police brutality immediately and prevent any further human rights abuses before the deadline for consultation ends on January 17th.

    A three-minute video of the incident can be seen here:
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    I know some decent Brits who actually still fight to live freely, even if it may be hopeless at this time. They are few, and extremely rare...

    And I also know a few "typical" Brits from online. They are the perfect example of what a brainless automaton really is. They implicitly trust their government -fauxpaux numero uno. They still think that the terrorists of the world are really after them and they need big brother to assist in every way possible. Problem number two. And the greatest problem they have is; they gave up their right to bear arms, and through incremental change have adopted a system of being licensed and permitted, which ultimately lead to them no longer having any defense against a tyrannous government.

    I feel absolutely no pitty for a beaten people who have no idea what they are doing.

    America should pay close attention to England. And, since their banks are our stands to reason that we are more alike than most will admit openly.
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    "bobbies" were completely deaf to his requests to file a report( there's one for the "badcop theory", "fer cryin'n out loud" what threat does a non-violent peace protestor present?
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    Seems we will need a Curtis Sliwa to setup "Citizens Protection Leagues" to protect protesters and little old ladies from the jackboots. At least form a screening line..(obstructing "Justice"or protecting it?)
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    I think someone else said it in the "attacks on Ron Paul" thread. People react very badly when forced to confront the reality that they really are bad.
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    Those guys were with We Are Change UK, I think
    One was arrested for 'swearing'
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    If somebody bashed me in the face by pushing on my camera I'd be swearing too. Is it illegal to bleed yet???
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