Is Walmart in trouble?

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by VHestin, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. VHestin

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    Wal-Mart Makes Rare Retreat on Home Turf

    They are opening new stores still, but I'm thinking...if Walmart is having financial difficulties that serious, does that mean our economy is about to go PFFFFFFFFFFFFT again?
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  2. Brokor

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    Now that much of Wal-Mart's competition has been eliminated, sizing down is a sensible move considering the fact that online sales are continually growing. I see this as business, not a marker for the economy itself.
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  3. Legion489

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    Well none near me. I agree, once the other competitors stores are shuttered, they are forcing buyers to their other stores and don't need the smaller stores as on line sales will cover that. Remember Wal-Mart is solidly in China's (and the demonrat's) back pocket and anything that effects either of those effects Wallyworld, but they will both bail Wally out to save themselves.
  4. UncleMorgan

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    Wal-Mart is very definitely in trouble, but not in the way most people think.

    They are having a lot of trouble getting stock in from China right now. That's because China's economy is in trouble, just like ours and the rest of the world's.

    That is evidenced by the fact that (as of two weeks ago) the Baltic Dry Trade Index was at zero. Not one commercial freighter, tanker, or container ship was on the high seas. They were all tied up in port because international credit could not be guaranteed.

    (Even in the worst of the crisis in 2008, the Baltic Dry never went below 5% of normal tonnage. Now is much more serious.)

    Most of Wal-Mart's cheap goods come from China. The instant they cannot re-stock their shelves fully they start taking a serious money hit. Then staff has to go, and stores have to close, if only for a while.

    This is no surprise to the Walton's: a full year ago they were trying hard to replace their Chinese goods with Indonesian clones.
    And they started making overtures to "local producers" at about the same time.
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  5. BTPost

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    The Juneau, Alaska Wally World is closing FEB 5th..... Lots of local Business are CHEERING...Especially Feddie Fall Apart.....
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  6. Kingfish

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    they have 4600 stores in the U.S. and are closing 102. two in Michigan of which one is a sams club.
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  7. kellory

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    What I read months ago, was they were closing the least productive stores. They are trimming the fat.
  8. T. Riley

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    Walmart knows way more about the foreign and domestic economy than everyone in Washington combined. They will be just fine. Stock hardly took a dip today.
  9. Motomom34

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    Walmart has the reputation of being worker unfriendly and the liberals are determined to run them out of business. I find it interesting that liberal loving, 2A hating Costco and Target seem to be doing great but Sam's club and walmart are having issues. Hhmmmm... sort of like how McDonald's is suffering and under liberal attack. I find it interesting it only matters that Wal-mart and McD's pay minimum wage but no one cares that Target, Subway (bigger then McD's and just as unhealthy) do also. Could be Walmart is suffering because of the media attacks and the reason they are under attack is because they sell guns and ammo.
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  10. Kingfish

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    Walmart is one of the things that made the Clintons rich. They were deep in Walmart stocks before Bill signed The G.A.T.T. once the Chinese started filling Walmart with cheap goods those stocks went through the roof. I think that is called manipulating markets for profit no?
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