Islam in a Nutshell

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    I received this in a e-mail, there are some interesting points.
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    There are some very good points in that email. There is something in America we have that most other countries do not have, despite the political correctness and corrupt media zombie fest --tens of millions of gun owners and a patience wearing thin. Let the Muslims come, we can send them to Allah any day of the week.
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    Unfortunately I live too close to a major center of Islam here in SE Michigan.
    I'll let you know if we start chootin' here.
  4. tulianr

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    What's in that email is a lot of bigoted, specious reasoning. I have a difficult time accepting social science lectures from someone who lives their lives according to fairy tales. "Islam in a nutshell" is an appropriate title for that article, and the nut wrote it.
  5. Minuteman

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    Some good points alright but the author forgot to mention how they are a bunch of half naked savages that whip themselves up to a blood lust with satanic rites and slaughter others for the pure thrill of killing. Oh, wait, that was the Native Americans.

    But he didn't mention that they were disease ridden, illiterates who would destroy the fabric of our nation. Oh, wait, that was the wave of Italian immigrants in the early 1900's.

    But he should have mentioned how they are a fanatical cult bent on world domination who have no regard for human life and they eat babies. Oh, wait, that was the Japanese in the 1940's.

    I have lived in many of those countries listed and can tell you this article is mostly BS. I have never paid a "dhimmi" tax and I know several American and British school teachers who teach in public schools in Saudi Arabia who would be very interested to know that only madrassas are allowed there. I have attended Christian church services in Egypt and remember the picture from Tahrir square where the Muslims surrounded the Christians while they prayed to keep people from bothering them. An act that the Christians repaid in kind during Muslim prayers.I was there when a Coptic Church was attacked and the local Muslims came out and surrounded the church to prevent anyone from attacking it again. And contributed financially to it's repair.

    This in a nutshell sums up the irrational fear mongering pretty well

    Wave of Islamophobia Is Repeat of WWII Anti-Japanese Hysteria

    9/11/01 Has Been Called 'The New Pearl Harbor' for Today's Generations of Americans, But Nearly Forgotten is the Wave of Anti-Japanese Bigotry That Swept the U.S. After 12/7/41, Leading to the Forced Removal and Internment of Upwards of 120,000 Japanese-Americans

    September 11, 2001 would, for my generation and for every generation of Americans alive today, forever live as a day of infamy, much as December 7, 1941 would live as a day of infamy for the World War II-era GI Generation -- whom retired NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw dubbed "The Greatest Generation" -- most of whom are no longer with us and the shrinking number of them who remain are now well into their 80s and 90s.


    It truly is unfortunate that there are fewer and fewer Americans of the GI Generation still living, for lost with their passing is the collective memory of one of the ugliest chapters of American history -- one that the current wave of Islamophobia threatens to repeat.

    The open hatred that the 9/11 attacks have generated against Muslims ignores the fact that, of the more than 3,500 people who were slaughtered at the hands of the 19 al-Qaida terrorists, there were dozens of victims who were themselves Muslims

    The strong, passionate feelings expressed by the loved ones of the more than 3,500 people murdered by the 9/11 terrorists are something that has to be taken seriously. But the voices of the relatives of the 9/11 victims have, unfortunately, been joined by an ugly chorus of anti-Muslim bigots

    That this chorus is disregarding the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of religion to ALL Americans -- including the nation's Muslims -- is an obscene affront to the very foundations upon which this country was built

    It is also a dangerous descent into an ideology that this country sent up to 12 million of its bravest to fight against in World War II.

    That ideology is fascism -- the belief that one race or one religion or one ethnicity or one nationality is superior to all others and/or that all others are evil. What some Americans are saying about Muslims today is little different from what Hitler and his Nazis said about Jews in Germany more than 70 years ago.

    Even Japanese-American survivors of the World War II-era internment see dangerous parallels between 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, with some survivors warning within days of the 9/11 attacks that what happened to them could happen to American Muslims.

    Santayana is right. Those who cannot remember the past truly are condemned to repeat it.

    Continue reading at Wave of Islamophobia Is Repeat of WWII Anti-Japanese Hysteria | NowPublic News Coverage
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    There are extremists in every religion or other group (green peace, black panthers, Aryan Nation, Animal Liberation Front, Earth Liberation Front, ... etc).

    does that make every Christian, Tree Hugger, Animal Lover a nutjob?


    Are there there nutjobs in their populations? Hell to the yeah.

    Do I have friends that celebrate Christmas, Easter, Earth Day, Ramadan ,Rosh Hashanah, Kwanzaa, Earthday, Deepavali? Yeppers. I love these people. Do I agree with them? Not all the time. Sometimes hardly ever. But, WTF, If I wanted to never see anyone other than those that thought just exactly like me, I'd have moved to the woods and lived by myself. Hell, I'd probably go to Australia just to annoy chelloveck! (just kidding chelly, I'd be there debating you and I know a gal in Sydney and another in Perth and I'd be there putting my moves on them I just need to find a gal in NZ and I am outta here!)

    So, in closing, There are NutJobs everywhere and not everyone different than you is a nutjob.
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    Islam in a nutshell is spot on! This is happening as we speak, and Islam is a clear and present danger. Islam was trhe intitator of the self-defense Crusades, and we will see a repeat of the past.

    We now seem to know of one Coptic Christian church that was burned to the ground and then rebuilt. How many of the hundreds of the destroyed christian churches have been rebuilt by anyone? What about the churches in Eastern Eurpoe that were razed so that mosques could be built on that spot? Lebanon used to have a lot of Christians. I don't think any are left now. correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Okay, you're wrong. ;)
    Current statistics show that 39% of Lebanon's population is Christian.

    (The link is so that Tac won't spank me again.)
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    tulianr, Just admit it. You like being Spanked! .... [lolol]:mad:
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    Sometimes it's nice to know that someone cares enough to spank you.
  11. Brokor

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    I see this debate the same way I look at illegal immigration. In a perfect world, people should be free to travel between countries without permit or license of any kind, to settle freely and live. The Libertaricrats will cry and moan about how the illegals are being oppressed, the Libtards will exclaim that they have the solution (just vote for me!), the Republicons will say they are doing the best they can --but in the end, illegal immigration is still a silent but effective act of war when millions annually escape into another country's domain. These illegals will steadily erode traditional authority and have little or no understanding of the sovereign law or duties. One cannot defend and protect a republic they do not acknowledge or understand --nor can they exercise rights they do not have. This is not a perfect world.

    Enter Islam. Slowly and steadily, it spreads like a virus, integrating into every society. It obeys its own laws, does not recognize the sovereignty of others, and insists on its own way; it is every bit as intrusive and destructive as millions of undocumented Mexican illegals. Both acts of war have proponents who wish to simply destroy the original, existing society. In days past, communism was used to a similar extent; it would creep in, take hold and destroy the existing society. The communist invasion of America failed, so the slow and steady course was applied. We have now, a hybrid society which is utterly dependent upon a phony system of weights and measures with a completely transitory and disposable corporate monopoly which serves to enthrall and entertain a dumbed-down, complacent populace who wouldn't recognize a locomotive steaming toward them of they were laying in front of it on the tracks.

    We have what appears to be a "Democracy", originally founded to be a republic, but is actually an Oligarchy which takes on much of the characteristics of a Fascist Empire.

    Call it a cancer, that's all Islam is to the western world. Add that to the GMO corn syrup fed fat bodies of the bible belt, mix and enjoy.
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    well spoken------- now I have to get back to reloading more ammo --need more ammo and preps
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    I've often compared Islam to a cancer myself. The difference b/w Islam and EVERYTHING else, there is no symbiotic relationship (live and let live....side by side on my piano mi amano........if you caught the Paul McCommie reference, +10 for you). The end goal is to have 100% the Borg.....resistance is futile if you *won't* fight back.

    And really, the only way to fight a cancer is with a good dose of radiation...........just kidding. Amputation works sometimes.
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  15. chelloveck

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    I don't think some Christians are any more immune to the kinds of fits of indignant outrage than some Muslims seem to get when they perceive that their deity or sacred personages are treated blasphemously....the only essential difference between the two groups of the pious, is the degree to which high dudgeon is expressed. If Christianity collectively should become as muscular as Islam in responding negatively to the blasphemous treatment of its religious sensitivities (think Christian Reconstructionism / Dominionism), then I think the differences between the two faiths would be pretty much moot.
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  16. Quigley_Sharps

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  17. tacmotusn

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    . As distasteful as I found it, I went through all your links completely. The difference being, although many Christians were outraged by the various insults and provocations, No one was seriously injured in the least, or had their freakin head cut off. No embassies were attacked. So how the hell do you see this as compareable to Islamic Radical Muslim beserker frenzy where people die? Are you insane?
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  18. Brokor

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    I think the countries which have already had massive psychological conditioning, such as France or even Australia --feel perfectly comfortable with the idea of radical religious murdering riots as a form of peaceful protest. I can see very easily how it is beneficial to placate a (once proud) people and prop-up those who are living a thousand years in the past and still believe it is just to decapitate others freely. In a few decades, these countries which have submitted to accepting Islam, will in essence, destroy themselves. They will become Islamic or they will die.

    Instead of placating these inbred, cro-magnon borg, I trust in the better nature of man, which presents itself in the form of precision tactical nukes and fire by night C-130 gunships.
  19. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    Awesome aircraft the Spooky and Spectre gunships. Although I would think they would require some assistance from an aircap and a wild weasel or two.

    Interesting article with regard to USA use of tactical nuke weapons in Irag and Afghanistan. Stupid sand dwellers must really fear the various versions of the MOAB. Since that what they were hit with.
  20. tulianr

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    I think there is a valid point here. The degree of reaction between the Christian masses and the Muslim masses may vary, but the righteous indignation is very much the same. The reaction is tempered only by the cultures involved, and has little to do with the religions themselves. The Muslim cultures where the violent reactions are being seen have known little beyond poverty, hopelessness, and oppression. Religion is all they have left. When you then insult their religion, the one thing they have left in the world to give them hope, you cross a line that makes a violent reaction justifiable in many of these people's minds.

    I have little doubt that if the rule of law were abrogated in this nation by a societal breakdown, and a person went out and pissed on a Bible in the street, they could easily find themselves swinging from a tree. Certainly many blacks in our society found themselves hanging from trees for doing much much less, in some cases nothing at all, in our very recent past.

    No one would attempt to justify the violence seen in these demonstrations, but we do need to attempt to understand why they are happening. Someone whipping out the sentiment "Why don't we just nuke them and turn the whole sandbox into a sea of glass?" just shows that we have ignorant a$$holes, just like they do.
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