Islam vs. all others

Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by ghrit, Oct 6, 2010.

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    The man is my hero. If there was a personification of Integrity, he would be it.
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    It would really help matters if Islam were rightfully considered the all-encompassing and overbearing 'system of government' that it IS. It is NOT a religion, not in the accepted sense that Christianity, Hinduism and other mainstream religions are.
    As our Governmental policy has always been "Separation of Church & State", and the muslims have the two utterly joined - we are automatically at odds with one another.
    ISLAM MUST BE BANNED here.......
    If they try to force their way of life on me, they'd best be wearing body armor under their robes and turbans....... [gun]

    Bullets and explosives know NO religion - they work both ways...... :D
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    "Keep yer eye peeled" and your powder dry--both may be needed soon.
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    Personally, I have nothing against Islam or Muslims.....
    and never will...
    I'm NOT letting them get that close!
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    I truly feel for Geert as his life must be turmoil constantly moving for the death threats and all that. That is the price you pay for standing up for your country. It really pisses me off when i try to say anything about muslims even if its not overly bad that im a racist or islamaphobe. How can you be racist against a cult? i just dont trust nor like them but thats just not good enough for some people.
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    "religion" of Peace my eye teeth. This is one subject I am very well versed in, and study daily. They (Islam) are (is) the biggest threat the world will face, and it is our own fault. Oil makes Islamic countries rich, that money is used to fund "terror" organizations - Mujaheddin, if you will. Some enlightening passages below:

    These statements are direct quotes, not taken out of context. Islam is a political ideology with religious overtones. It is NOT a religion. The beginning of the Islamic calendar is the day Islam became a militant movement, the day they conquered Medina (Historically known as Yathrib, it's name changed to Madīnat(u) 'n-Nabiy {City of the Prophet} after it was conquered. Later that was shortened to Madīnah, which simply means "city"). On that day he "converted" the city to Islam. By force. Those who would not submit and become Muslims were executed. Those who did submit to Muslim rule, but did not convert to Islam were entered into a compact - ahl al-dhimmah (literally the people of the contract) - and became Dhimmi. As long as they paid the jizyah, they had low, but protected status within Islam, however could be killed out of hand if found to be "breaking the common peace".

    Sura 9:29 stipulates that jizya be exacted from non-Muslims as a condition required for jihad to cease. Failure to pay the jizya could result in the pledge of protection of a dhimmi's life and property becoming void, with the dhimmi facing the alternatives of conversion, enslavement or death.

    Just my .02, I could go on and on and on.
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    Islam is a political movement in the guise of a religion.
    And IMO is as dangerous as the Nazis where In the 1930s
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    As a Veteran I swore to defend the Constitution which means they get freedom of religion same as me. However, they need to remember and respect that we expect the same rights.
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