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    I am looking for a good pair of gloves that I can wear while training in first responder classes plus for real disasters. I always have Nitrile Exam Gloves on underneath but I am looking for a good durable glove that will not be bulky plus can be sanitized. Currently I wear a Kinco work glove like these:

    What I noticed during training is that the fingers were bulky so I always ended up taking them off putting them back on plus once even misplaced one as I moved from victim to victim. I need gloves on because between victims, sometimes it is necessary to move debris and stuff i.e. simulated search rescue/ triage situations. I also noticed that my leather palm gloves had fake blood on them after the activity so I need to figure out my glove situation. With the leather, the blood will be seeping in and as I move from one patient to another I was transferring. Plus can you properly sanitize leather gloves without ruining them? Or should I be considering gloves a one use item that will need to be replaced after each incident?

    Right now I am in training but I really want to get this right before I get in the middle of a disaster. It is best to get things right ahead of time, not in the middle. I am wonder what gloves people have in their medical bags. Yes, Nitrile gloves are a must have but does anyone pack an outer layer glove?
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    Industries - Ringers Gloves

    I use their extrication gloves for general industrial work, and they are top-notch. They have many types and styles to choose from. I'm sure you can find something to suit your fancy.

    ETA : check out the public safety section under the industries header.
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    Motomom34 , you might wanna change up your system, take it from me, any gloves other then nitril will be a hindrance to treetment vs moving stuff. I lile a pair of hard knuckle motocross gloves for that type of work. I really like the alcantera leather and balistic fabric type for durability, grip, and ease of cleansing. I swap to nitril for trauma care, Keeps thing sanitised better, and has less cross contamination! Learn to carry lots of pairs of nitril gloves with you and get a small hip worn stuff sack for the work gloves!
    A bit off topic, but relavent for what your doing, get your self a good pair of hard shell knee pads, Your knees will thank you. When things get tence the last thing your thinking about is personal protection, and your knees get a beating doing this type of thing!
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    Any organic material that absorbs liquid won't be sterilizable.
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    @Ura-Ki I never thought of putting knee pads in my search and rescue gear. You are correct. I do simulated drills and those are usually short time frames but looking back, I do spend a lot of time kneeling down.
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    I use Wells Lamont light weight work gloves, over nitrite's when I think contamination is a possibility. I bought a big box of them when the Black and Decker outlet store in Seaside OR closed its doors. SCORE!!!
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    Harbor freight tools has awesome nitril gloves for a really good price! I usually buy a couple of boxes every time ai stop in! I use them all the time for chores especially when handling chemicals or in the kitchen, or for prosessing meat! They are pretty tough and durable and have a slight textured grip, nice for when working wet, especially bloody work!
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