Israel rejects Obama peace plan, Palestinians cagey

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    Israel rejects Obama peace plan, Palestinians cagey

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    JERUSALEM (AFP) - Israel on Thursday rejected President Barack Obama's call for a peace deal based the 1967 borders, as the Palestinians said their leadership would hold a meeting to discuss the US leader's policy speech. Full Story ยป

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    I see bad times coming SOON
  3. Seawolf1090

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    During my USN ship's navigation of the Suez Canal in the early 80s, the Israeli side was littered with burned out hulks of Arab tanks......
    Soon there will be many more. ;)

    Israel is like a Wolverine surrounded by foxes and jackals..... they are small but very tough! If Israel dies, they WILL take the Arab world with them.......

    bobo the Whitehouse Clown is just another jackal.
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  4. Hispeedal2

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    Yeah! Perfect! If only we had thought of this before. If we re-establish the border, they will adhere to it because they are "recognized" borders. (sarcasm)

    Anyone know what the stated mission of the PLO is?
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