It’s time to stock up on ammunition

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Yard Dart, Apr 1, 2016.

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    If you need to restock on ammunition or other firearm supplies, there’s no better time to buy than right now. That’s according to a firearm industry insider who says political uncertainty driven by the election year could cause ammunition and firearm shortages.

    Jason Hornady, vice president of Hornady Manufacturing, told the National Shooting Sports Foundation that 2016 is already showing signs of being a “surge year” for firearm industry sales. And a similar surge in 2013 caused a nationwide ammo shortage.

    He said:

    If I was running a firearms retail store, I’d make sure I had strong relationships with multiple vendors and distributors. You’ve got to “feel the love” from as many as you can, and you’ve got to talk to those partners frequently. We judge much of what we do by the purchase orders we see, so if you haven’t got it on paper, we can’t project accurately. And again, remember that 60-day, 90-day or even longer restocking period I talked about that some can expect to encounter later this year if they don’t stock up now? The reason for that is that the process of taking metal to finished product is long—our average is 90 to 120 days. So if I’m out, you’re out, and there isn’t a quick solution for that. As I often say, it’s easier to handle a cancelation than to handle a panic I’m-out-of order.

    Hornady’s advice works just as well for the end purchaser: Too much ammunition on hand during a shortage is always better than not enough.

    According to the firearm industry expert, the likelihood of anything in the nation’s near political future driving down ammunition demand is “about as likely as I am of getting a pet unicorn for Christmas.”
    It's time to stock up on ammunition - Personal Liberty®

    Stack it deep!! ;)
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  2. Dunerunner

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    Yup! Good barter material anyway you look at it!
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  3. Altoidfishfins

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    Got that very impression myself. SS109 and the green tip M855 in the photo was almost banned by 0bama executive order. Somehow he got talked out of it. He promised to revisit the issue.

    If you own a rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO, I'd scrape together enough cash to purchase it in a 1k lot. SGAmmo has some M855 2015 manufactured LC mil surplus from a canceled contract as well as 2016 manufactured PMC (called XTAC).

    I was so impressed by firearm and ammunition price increases during the Clinton administration such that enough has always been on hand to "weather" the subsequent storms of price increases and outright shortages.

    Imagine if Hilary lands in the WH! She's running on a platform of pushing for "Australian style" mandatory buybacks. It's getting too close to becoming a reality and we can no longer depend on the SCOTUS to base their rulings on the US Constitution. We have until November, or maybe even less time than that if it looks like a Hilary win, before the price increases and shortages begin anew.
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  4. marlas1too

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    never ever ever let anyone know if you have extra ammo or supplies ---just my own thoughts
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  5. 3M-TA3

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    Completely out of ammunition myself - spent way too much time target shooting and forgot to restock...
  6. oldawg

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    :( Wuz bringin' mine home from across the lake when a giant wave..................
  7. kellory

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    Africanized termites.....
  8. azrancher

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    And I'll bet that giant wave was made by Nessy.

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  9. oldawg

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    Yeah, that lizard gets around.
  10. OldDude49

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    what's this ammunition thing you guys be talkin bout? :eek:
  11. Legion489

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    HAHAHAHAHA! Stock up now? Where? I don't see .22s locally at under a dime and even that isn't common. I can reload 9mm for that! There is a fair amount of other stuff on the shelves, but no deals. Nothing I need at prices I want to pay anyway. I might regret that later, but for now I don't see a huge difference between 4-5-6-7 years ago when all this began. My advice is and always has been: buy what you can, when you can, as much as you can.
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  12. AD1

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    I told everyone how to find 22LR for 07¢/rnd or less. And if you live by Bass Pro or Cabelas it ships for free.

    One person here follwed my directions and is now fully stocked
  13. Altoidfishfins

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    Today's prices, while not cheap, may very well be a bargain compared to this coming fall.
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    Usually they are jawin' about that new invention where they put ball,powder, and primer in a metal case. All in one deal, you don't have to even prime the pan anymore. Pretty good invention. I'd shoot one of those new guns if I could get me a boat that would stay right side up on TOP of the water.
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  15. Tikka

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    Although I have plenty of both; I prefer M193 over M855. That is my personal preference.

    M193 is a bit more accurate than M855.

    A lot of 55gr 5,56 is not M193. If you order, be sure you're getting "real" M193. SS109 (NATO) and M855 (US) are a bit easier as they are kinda close. In either case, the trick is know the Ordnance specification and if what you read doesn't match that specification; find something that does.
  16. marlas1too

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    all I have is bows and arrows --lol and I'm to old to use them
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  17. zombierspndr

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    So...I'm supposed to run out and buy ammo because some dude that makes it says there might be a shortage? Hmm....seems like a pretty sweet deal for him either way. ;)
  18. AD1

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    Just found this on FB. Fits
  19. AD1

    AD1 Monkey+++

    ok one more time for this

    Set up ammo alerts for any caliber including 22 LR

    Set up accounts online at the big box stores near you so that when an alert hits you can login in and buy in less than 10 minutes. Send to you phone cuz these supplies will go in minutes

    In 2015 i used this method to gather my stock of 22 at 7¢ or less. Most of it 5&6¢/ rnd and no shipping charges. I dont even look at these anymore cuz I am set. No shipping cuz i send to Cabelas, Bass Pro or Sportsman for free. Then juat pick up at the store.

    These are examples of alerts from the last few days. These are not available Now. These are just examples of the wikiarms alerts.

    They also have a Walmart search feature for ammo.

    22 LR
    - [$0.07/rd] Remington .22 Long Rifle Rimfire Ammunition
    - [$0.08/rd] CCI .22 Long Rifle AR Tactical Ammo, .22 LR, 40-gr., CPRN
    - [$0.06/rd] Remington Thunderbolt Rimfire Ammo, .22 LR, 40-gr., LRN

    Available Coupons from Gander Mountain

    22 LR

    22 LR
    - [$0.06/rd] Browning BPR Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Black Plated Lead Round Nose Box of 400 (Bulk)

    Available Coupons from Midway

    22 LR
    - [$0.06/rd] Winchester® .22 Rimfire Ammunition .22 LR 36 Grain HP

    Available Coupons from Cabelas
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  20. Tikka

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    Do you apply that logic to your preps also? ;)
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