It always pays to check the terms and conditions of a contract before agreeing to them

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    It always pays to check the terms and conditions of a contract....whether it be conversion to a particular faith (Islam has a very punitive no return policy) or buying some electronic gewgaw.... Some 7500 people in Britain sold their immortal souls as a condition of purchasing their Gamestation. Faust did something similar, but he at least negotiated a somewhat better deal for his immortal soul!

    7,500 Online Shoppers Accidentally Sold Their Souls To Gamestation

    I wonder if Great Britain has an escrow arrangement for immortal souls and whether one can get a refund of their immortal soul if they change their mind after conversion or if the Gamestation is returned as part of the manufacturer's warranty. Could a Gamestation purchaser be charged with gaining a benefit by deception if the purchaser's immortal soul is already claimed by many knotty questions and so few answers.....perhaps I should consult a rabbi!
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    I wonder if there was such a clause in the last election selections? might explain the mindless devotion......o_O
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