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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by DMGoddess, Apr 2, 2013.

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    I keep practically zero money in the bank and the rest in real world things i need. Would much rather be sitting on a few hundred gallons of propane or Diesel than be collecting 1/4% interest on my money. Same with ammo that's gone up way more than 1/4% in the last few months alone.

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    I think that if something happened here like it did in Cyprus there would be a lot of polititians strung up from lamp posts. No way would the courts allow account skimming to happen. And if I'm wrong and it s=did happen I think that would be the tipping point. It would be the load of bricks that crushed the camel.
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    Now I have seen it all....banks selling Junk banks selling Junk Bank Stock...if Banks can just convert savings into high risk stock and then plunder customer deposits to cover their bad decisions...what incentives do they have to manage their business responsibly. If that is the way they are going, then the "savings" investors should have the same voting rights as "speculative" stock only stands to reason.
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    As they sell stuff, they make money, which is the incentive and matches their business plan. They will take no responsibility for managing the depositor's money at all, just provide the stock holders with dividend income.
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    I wouldn't bet on that.

    Can't indefinitely detain a US Citizen? NDAA signed by zero.
    Speak Freely and protest the actions of your elected officials? Not if they have SS protection. HR347 signed by zero.
    If a company poisons and kills you, your wife, kids and grandkids you can sue the hell out of them? Nope Monsanto Protection Act .. signed by zero.
    The government needs to try you in a court of law before killing you? Nope Drone attacks, Dorner, Washington State .. Missile Massacre, burn the building you are in. No trial.

    This my friend is a Fascist state. You can only sue the government if they let you.

    Separation of powers is pretty much just for show.

    All they have to do is slap the interstate commerce clause on it and they can do pretty much whatever the hell they want.

    Granted, the Cypriots were pretty docile but they don't have the gun history we do. TPTB have made a big miscalculation by letting the bankers get this out in the open before they got our guns.

    But don't worry, they'll be trying to neutralize that issue before trying it here if they are smart (not saying their smart). Because once they've got the weapons, they can do anything they want, how will the people stop them? Rocks and sticks?

    But, yes, it could happen here.

    There will be copious amounts of violence by all parties involved
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    I don't know that is a tough call to make. I would hope folks would finally stand up for themselves if .gov allowed the Federal Reserve to steal our money from our accounts. However, I have no doubt that it would be sold to the people in a manner that would make all feel good about doing so. Most would probably roll over and let themselves get screwed and not even say it hurt.

    but on the flip side it could just be the catalyst the people need to restore who controls this country. Wishful thinking, I know.
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    What would folks DO, if the banks did this here? It is NOT Like they have the actual CASH in all those Branches. so Robbery is out. They haven't had that for Centuries... It is all One's, and Zeros, these days, not even paper..... SO, What do you do, if they decide to trim EVERYONES Account of say 35%.... Me, I never have more, in ANY Account than I can afford to LOSE. I also, NEVER speculate, with my Money, PERIOD. I never lost a DIME in the 2008 Crash, OR the Dot.COM crash, when all those around Me, were losing BIG Time. If you play with the BIG Dogs, your a Fool, and as such, "You and Your Money will SOON Part" The Stock Markets are setup, so that the Small Investor, will eventually Lose his assets. If the Big Dogs, are making Money, some one else is losing Money, and just who do you figure, those folks are? My Father (Rip) was a Executive VP of a Regional Bank, back in the Day. He taught ALL his children, about Money, and Asset Management, from the time we were in Kindergarten. We learned those lessons, WELL, and None of the four of US, has ever, or will ever, be destitute, No Matter what Happens around us. We were schooled in Prep'en, from our Parents and GrandParents, going back Five Generations. We have ALL, raised out Children, in that same School of Thought, and are now seeing their Children, coming along, very nicely.... ..... YMMV....
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