it cannot be stopped, it is inevitable

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by CATO, Jun 29, 2012.

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    that's what PDD 51 would allow for initially.
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    You could be right but my take on why October is that this is an administration that said, " Never let a crisis go to waste." My thought is the pre-election polling's are not looking as rosy for Obama they were last election. The herd is not as memorized as they were. Obama needs an event, he needs to be a hero... he needs to be a shoo in. If he needs to win an election by actions vs. words, then an incident very close to the election (prior to people seeing the truth) would be a perfect time.

    There does seem to be something happening in that part of the country. I have read to many individual reports to ignore it. And this could be an incident that pushes the country into a fast downward spiral.
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    makes sense..unfortunately..

    3rd try....No dice!
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    With Obama covering for Holder, its not making him look very good...
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    He could sacrifice a puppy on national TV with a big wooden mallet and there's a large minority who would still vote for him.

    Blacks will always vote for him...unless he gives them a Bill Cosby-type speech. And liberals will vote for him because they're still basing their view of him on the idea of him, not the reality. Also, to not vote for him would be admitting that they were duped you know, liberals think they're smarter than everyone else, so they could never admit this because they would be killing part of who they are.
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    I remember theories spreading about GW Bush using martial law to extend his term beyond its limits back in the day. Perhaps it's become the norm now to theorize this type of event, even though the secret government has placed numerous safeguards to ensure the People never again regain their lost republic.

    The economy will collapse, it's just a matter of "when". But, the very same private interests will be in charge of the new economy anyway.
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    In lou of recent event's yesterday....I have a decision to make this evening...See pict. below

    After that off to repack'n...

    In true form of a person from the Acadian's parish's...

    My basterized word of the day is Commbie's...See D.C. for a full and complete definition...

    descisions 001 (800x600).
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    Silly Gator.. that's not a decision, that's a challenge. ;)[beer]
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    Do we know who these governors are? I would be interesting in seeing that list. I highly doubt my gov is on the list. Obama forgot about him till the press reminded him.
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    Henry Kissinger stated at a meeting of "wheelers and dealers" in California several years ago that if a crisis of adequate proportions happened the public would cry for a "savior" to take charge and dismantle the constitutional privileges/rights. Hitler did it in Germany when he burned the German parliament building (Reichstag). Wonder what the kenyan will try to pull.
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