Second Amendment It could happen to you . . . . be ready.

Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by CATO, Mar 17, 2013.

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    Delaware Open Carry • Delaware Open Carry
    Moral of the story: have a plan for these situations (when dealing with LEOs) before they happen. I have (as have others) posted a few things about what to do and say. Use the archives and search for them.

    No searches without warrants.

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    dawm dude, sucks, good thing you know your rights, to many people would have broken and submitted and open them selves up to incrimination at the cops discernment, and you know what that means , they take everything and you never get it back for years, good job mate.
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    This didn't happen to the OP here. Read the linked story, its from a post on Delaware Open Carry concerning an incident in New Jersey.

    The Evan Nappen mentioned in the story, is a firearms lawyer in New Jersey. (There are two lawyers named Evan Nappen who oddly enough are both firearms lawyers, the other based in New Hampshire) I thought this had happened in NH when I first read the OP.

    My sympathies to those unfortunate enough to reside in the "Garden State".
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    ah i see, that makes sense, i cant see links or tags on this computer, its dying slowly, :p
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    I just ran across a video of this guy and his son being interviewed by local TV about 30 minutes ago...

    Good job.
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    Okay, Yard Dart I have to amend my response to your thread on "Practical Tips for Resisting the Police State." I will continue to be courteous and cooperative to a cop who pulls me over for a moving violation, but the video in post #5 of this thread has convinced me to otherwise keep my mouth shut when confronted by police. That was a very convincing lecture. Anyone who didn't take the time to listen to it in its entirety, might want to take a few minutes and do so.
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    I don't know much about the Survival Podcast, and that was a very good interview with Mr. Ayoob, but I do believe their logo was taken from Rant. website: RantMedia | inspire.create.share which has been around a very long time. Of course, they could have permission or I might be wrong, but...anyway, sorry to change the subject. I just found this interesting. I also forget if James and the others at Rant even mind since they are HUGE on open source. Still, it's something I wanted to bring up. Maybe they have permission because I do see some familiar names at their forum. *shrugs*
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    I'm sticking to my mother's advice on dealing with any legal situation. Any government agent, whether LEO or not, can bluster all they want, but without the law on their side, they can't do more than that. Know your rights.
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    **OFF TOPIC** Never heard of RantMedia before, they could be connected but I've listed to "The survival podcast" for several years now and Jack has never mentioned RantMedia. Not that it matters, TSP is an entity by itself apart from SM. Looks like RantMedia is Canadian and therefore nothing can be done about the similar logos? Dunno.

    Yest that was a great interview, I'm making the wife listen to it and I feel anyone that carries any type of weapon, or plans on defending themselves in any way needs to listen to it. The survival podcast has lots of great information, and is another source for information, and generally another view point on events that effect us all.
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    After a career spent in law enforcement and corrections, I believe this video to be a "must watch". In the 1970s, when I began my career, I would not have agreed...and probably would not today if the "philosophy of policing" were as it was then.

    Law enforcement has suffered at least as much as any other government function from the "body count" mentality that was born of Vietnam. Quantity is what is judged because quality is not as easily measured without actual judgement and common sense.

    I'll stop here rather than get off on one of my off-topic "degradation of law enforcement over the past 40 years" rants...

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