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    ... use common sense when hiring, therefore, the .gov will make all decisions for you. Because minorities go to jail/prison much more than they should given their population, you can no longer use their criminal background when hiring...because this is discriminatory towards minorities. You can, however, continue to discriminate against white males in an effort to make their unemployment rate on par with minorities. When those two rates are equal, your affirmative action program should encourage you to keep hiring minorities in lew of hiring whites because it looks good...we don't care if your business fails because you hire people based on skin color who are unqualified.

    So, .gov, what can an employer use to determine the hire-ability of a potential employee?

    Criminal Background Checks | Minority Unemployment | The Daily Caller
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    The question of qualifications is at issue, at least in my mind. Clearly, a record of theft, fraud, or check kiting would disqualify a candidate for a position that handles money. Likewise a record of drunk and disorderly would keep such a person from a bartending job. The thing that has always rubbed me raw about affirmative action is/was the practice of giving preferences based on a point system, particularly civil service positions. That is a hard case to argue when it comes to preferences for ex military, but is a lot easier if the candidate is simply from a poor school system.

    The fact of disproportionate prison populations is another ball of worms, even if it does relate to quals in some remote fashion.

    Lizzie Bordon's ability to handle an axe might well be a good qualification for work in a slaughterhouse, even tho' guilty of murder. (Not so sure I'd go that far, but the idea is sound.)
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    Well're using logic. When has the government ever done that in the past 80 years? You don't want a guy driving a school bus if he has 7 DUIs--of course...but, you might still not want him working for you if they were recent. But, if they were 15 years ago...obviously, he has straightened himself out.

    I think the point is, in my view, which has nothing whatsoever to do with race or minorities, that the govt. is overstepping its bounds in telling businesses what their hiring practices must be. To make matters worse, they have cleverly disguised this abuse of power by saying if falls under "discriminatory hiring practices," rather than common sense. Who are they to tell me that I can't use someone's prior record in determining if they are a good candidate for the position?

    Are they going to pay the lawsuit filed by a woman after the pizza delivery man raped her...and had 3 other sexual assaults on his record, but those couldn't be used?

    So, while the .gov says what you can't do, they don't propose some suggested ways to determine a good employee (if you can't look at their record).

    AND!! Keep in mind, to work for the federal govt., you have a lengthy background check in which you must account for all of your time breathing...including, but not restricted to ... time in incarceration. So, why the two standards?
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    This is happening all over and it is true white people are being pushed aside. About 4 years ago me and several other white men went to interview for a job and all of us had years of experience. their was two black males and one hispanic female. The SGT. came out and told us they was interested in us and ask if we would apply again next month. Because this time they needed to hair Blacks and Hispanics. Now you let me open a company and have 20 Blacks working for me and tell them I needed to hire a white man and see how quick I would be sued and lose everything
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    As much as the govt talks the talk about jobs, I'm convinced their real purpose is to destroy as many of them as possible, and the entire economy as the grand finale.
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    Sad but VERY, VERY, VERY true.

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    I was assaulted by a guy a long time ago and the prosecutor couldn't use the guy's past record of multiple assaults in the trial.

    I think it was Paul Harvey that said: "to forgive and forget is to waste valuable experience."

    I also believe that the ultimate purpose to these bizarre moves is to destroy our society. Nothing less. Good vs. Evil, it's not just for the movies.
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    Usually at law,

    the defendant's past criminal record is not used to establish a person's guilt, as courts will usually rule that such evidence is not probative to fairly establishing guilt or innocence based on the other facts introduced to the case by the prosecution and the defence. Courts are required to follow rules of evidence that establish whether particular evidence tendered by either side of a prosecution will be probative or not to that particular case. Where there is any conflict between the prosecution and defence as to the probativeness of a particular piece of evidence, a judge or panel of judges will make a ruling on the matter.


    In the case of a conviction, the defendant's past crimminal record is usually taken into account, among other factors when determining sentencing.

    Forgiveness is always an option, and its value ought not be underestimated as a regenerative process for the health of the victim, as much as it may be for the rehabilitation of the transgressor. How, when, to whom and under what conditions to offer forgiveness will of course vary from case to case. Sometimes the burden of carrying perpetual remembrance, bitterness, hatred, and distrust may shape a person's life to such an extent that such an existence may be more harmful to the individual than the initial offence may have been.
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