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    I got a letter from those wonderful people at Social Security, asking "IF" my health has been improving, and "IF" I am ready to return to work!
    Funny group of bureaucrats! Very funny!
    After being diagnosed in 1991 with my back/sciatic nerve problems, then fighting until 2006 to get some help....I've been to 11 different doctor's, not counting a psychlogist "they" sent me to, as well as a "doctor", that said if I could walk, I could work....I managed to get my disability.
    I had to file 4 times, before they ever "acknowledged" they had received the forms!
    2 of the state's leading neurologists have stated, I would never work again, and nerves are inoperable, until we get the technology from "Star Trek"!
    I have been refused medical treatment under the auspices that I have NO insurance, although I have medicaid, parts A and B, and the Arizona state health plan "AHCCCS". The state of Arizona even deduct's from my disability the funds for the insurance! ($86.00 a month!)
    2 doctor's here and a major x-ray outfit have denied me, as I have NO coverage....I even got a letter from Baltimore, Maryland Social Security Office, stating that they could not deny me medical treatment, nor prescriptions! They want cash!
    My (former) doctor was of course from "India", and denied to see me unless I paid $168.00 in cash at the time!
    I say of course from "INDIA", as that was also my "primary care physician" assigned to me at the local VA hospital. Too bad she spoke little to NO english, and I have no other language skills than english!
    (I haven't been back there since 2004)
    I am also "paying" some company, that "claims" they pay for my prescriptions, so I owe them $27.00 a month for the past 2 years! ???
    What's a prescription? I don't even have a doctor anymore, much less have written prescriptions. !!!
    Scam artists!
    Now, that's not all!
    Oh NO!
    My son, still in high school has been beaten up by the "system" for the past year! He gets a monthly stipend, then they cancel him. He has filed repeatedly here in the Phoenix office for 6 times in a row....they have no idea what they are doing evidently! They conveniently "lose" his paperwork each time...So, he has them make copies, and stamp and sign them....AND Still they "lose" his original paperwork!
    Now, the Baltimore Maryland Office has directed the Phoenix office to clean up their "act" and get it together before they get audited.
    So, now he gets paperwork from California, denying his claim.
    And we have to start all over.
    Now you used to get social security benefits up until you were 21, if one or both of your parents were disabled. Well, that was taken care of, late one evening in congress! Now, you only get benefits paid until you graduate from high school. Ok, so what's their problem? He is still in school until June, and they have cancelled his benefits on and off since June of last year and we have had to fight every inch, to get them to at least READ their own laws!
    I guess I could ask them for a 'Civil Service Job', working for them?
    Yeah, I'd love that!
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