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    So, I was sittin here checkin out da monkey mindin my own business. Had a cold diet pepsi by my side, kids playin in the living room, wife reading a book. All day it has been hot and humid but very few clouds in the sky. No radio traffic on the County frequency........perfect. A nice relaxing tuesday evening.
    Out of, seemingly, nowhere a downpour with thunder and lightning pops up. So I run out to the front porch to watch the rain. Guess what happens next..........

    BEEP, BEEP, BEEP,.......EMS monitors respond to ___________ Co rd 21 for a 27 y/o female down. Breathing but unconscious. Unknown problem.

    Run out, get in truck, go to station, and grab the squad.
    Get on scene....door is locked. Where is yer good ole buddy wrc? You guessed it, standing under the overhang that has no gutters getting soaked while figuring out if I can get in this house without causing some damage. After getting thouroughly SOAKED, the "boyfriend" let me in. What took him so long? He thought it was the TV making all that noise.
    So, whats this woman's problem? Nothing other than the fact she "smoked too much and now cant see and has a headache". I said "cant you read the warnings on the cigarette label"? Her response, "I dont smoke cigarettes....they will kill you. I smoke weed."

    I learned something at that point.

    When people say they are professionals, do you know what they mean? I do!!
    What they mean is they have been tested and they passed.
    Tested you ask......
    Yes, tested.
    They had an experience as irritating as the one I just had and they were able to resist the urge to duct tape two cinderblocks to the persons head and toss them into a 10' deep pond!!!!
    I guess I am a professional, she is on her way to the hospital right now and my skivvies are trying to unknot from my backside..............I hate soaked underbritches!!
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    Seriously? Some people fail at life AND recreation. This woman was obviously more than mildly retarded, which is the norm for America today.
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    Unfortunately...yes, I am serious. That was really the call we had this evening.
    Over the past year or so there has been a major upswing in the call outs that are for drug and alcohol overuse.
    Usually by this time (first of Aug.) we stand around 30 call outs involving drugs/alc. So far we are up to 52 for this year. Possibly 53, I have yet to see the report from this mornings call but it was dispatched as possible overdose/poisoning.
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