It Was A Sign...Baby Tiller Died

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TXKajun, Feb 27, 2017.

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    I have (had) a small 4 cycle Craftsman tiller that I got almost 10 years ago. I only would use it every other year or so and this year, it went belly up. I would replace the gas filter in the gas tank and make sure the priming bulb still was supple, but this year not only did the plastic gas tank split a seam (which I repaired) but the pull rope came all the way out when I pulled it and didn't retract. When I tried turning the tines, they were frozen. I suspect the cylinder is locked up.

    So, I talked with Sweetie and we agreed that it was time to give up farming the west 40 (my back yard on the west side of the house). 100+ days for 2 or 3 months in the summer, having to water daily 2X, and me not being in the best of health is just a bit much now. We still have fruit trees (which are blooming like crazy and being pollinated by lots of bees) and blackberry canes, so there will be some food production outside. Also, I planted some ultra hot peppers and some heirloom tomatoes, so we'll get a few veggies. The peppers will stay in the manly room under grow lights. The tomatoes will go outside when it gets a little warmer.

    Speaking of a little warmer, it looks like some signs of a very early spring are popping up. The turkey buzzards are back (an annual event), trees are putting out leaves and, the most accurate, there is a tree outside at work that puts on a whole bunch of white blooms when spring is here...and it started blooming last week.

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    Don't get too excited I understand the temps can drop again , it's happened before.
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    Since I live on a sand dune, I gave my little Troy Built to my SIL.. I think he has used it once in 10 years....
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    If you've got a bit of spare loot to play with....get a tower garden.
    No watering....test PH once a week.

    (dont mind the harsh language - was a drinking garden year)

    thread here:
    Vertical Gardening | Survival Monkey Forums
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    About the tiller.
    Pull the spark plug and pour some Marvel Mystery Oil into the cylinder. Let it set a couple of days then try to turn it over with the tines. Might get lucky. Easier to sell off if it ain't locked up and the buyer knows he is purchasing a "project". Add the $$ to a prep fund;)

    Hell, if your price is fair and the shipping ain't a killer, I would be interested.
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    I bought my Wife one of these over Xmas
    [​IMG] 25 years old plus I figured , orignal tines as well as tires .But for the last month I have been using this honda
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    And she said oh honey, that's exactly what I wanted, I can't wait to till up that concrete it's sitting on.

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