Italy bans Islamic burqas

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Aug 6, 2005.

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    What ever came of the burqa/ driver lic thing that was going on a few months ago? Did the Muslim woman get her driver lic with out taking the burqa off of her face?
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    How eloquent and terse. It seems you have a burr under your saddle tonight. Care to explain what side of the discussion with regard to the Burka covered face drivers license photo that you are actually on? A simple "GOOD" as an answer to a question, told us plenty. None that you want me to point out. I can only assume you didn't understand the question, or that you meant to say more.
    Just so there is no bloody confusion on my part, I feel if the person wanting a drivers license really wanted the license, they needed to show their face completely and undisquised or covered up, just like anyone else getting a license. No if no ands and no buts. That or take the freakin bus.[stirpot]
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    As in good im glad they have banned the Burka.

    Muslims are trying to rule this land and anything that rocks there boat is all good with me.

    One terrorist left the UK and he did it by wearing the burka.

    The UK is not a Muslim land and they should not be able to control anything here,they have burned are flag and disrespect my country,a country that has gave them refuge.

    Assimilate or f... off.

    Sorry for my OP but i feel very strongly about this,ive seen whole areas of the UK become no go zones for anyone that is not muslim,not anymore though as we make a point of going to these areas in force now.[stirpot]

    Im known for my eloquent diction.[winkthumb]

    Whats with the big words,cap lock stuck?
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    OK. Enough said. Fury aside.
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