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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Jun 8, 2012.

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    Yep, by removing the illegal voters, we are cutting into their voter base......

    If only Chicago would do this.....
    But not with obummer's little buddy in charge.
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    I have about had it with the liberal and conservative labels. This is so wrong.... I just watched a report on TV today that some guy was rejected from a speaking engagement because he was a conservative. Are we not humans first? I am stick of people being judged by their political stance. I had someone judge me like that, i was hurt. This labeling is a runaway train and excusing behavior because of a label is so wrong. Am I incorrect in saying that the country has become divided like never before because of those political labels?
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    I don't care about labels personally. That would mean I gave a flip about the labeler. I'm more concerned with a person's VALUE system.

    A person's value system who, in general, align themselves with "liberal" allows them to ignore the letter and spirit of the law when it suits their purpose. They want to allow anyone to vote...because generally, those without ID will vote for democrats. There are various reasons for this:

    • ineligible
    • already voted
    • convicted felon
    • illegal alien

    Most people with CONSERVATIVE values see a need in being eligible to vote and voting only once, regardless of who you are voting for. To have it any other way would mean that we have lost what is unique to the United States.

    Thanks for you opinion though...and I really hope you don't get your feelings hurt anymore.
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    If labels are necessary, why not use names closer to the facts rather than some vaporous, ill defined grouping? Say "truther" vs. "spinner" or "exposer" vs. "obfuscator." Don't make the mistake of associating either of those labels to either political party since they are both populated by some that could be labelled either way.

    Label me old and tired of BS. That would be accurate and specific.
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    I get tired of those of us that believe in the Constitution,the rule of law,and small Government being labeled as"Right Wingers".
    We are in fact"CENTRIST",being that those are the princapals that this Nation was founded on.
    As far as I'm concerned,all the"REPUBLICRATS"have moved to the left of that.
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    Yeah....I get tired of being labeled "racist" just because I don't go along with the Kool-Aid drinkers. ....for about 7.2 seconds, then I remember the moron who is labeling just a wishful thinker.

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    Get over it - people get labeled by the way they think, the way they act, the way they treat others. "Liberal", "Socialist","Idiot"...... it's all the same. And yes, I do know some "Conservative Idiots".
    What we have to keep in mind is, "Liberal" and "Conservative" really have little to do with political party affiliation.
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    I saw a pretty good youtube video putting the political spectrum in a different context. Instead of liberal on the left and conservative on the right, it had (in order left to right) dictatorship, oligarchy, representative republic, true democracy, libertariansim, then anarchy in the far right. This basically changes the spectrum from issues based to degree of government control based.

    I think many on this site would feel better pigeon-holed into this spectrum (if any) than the popular one currently used. I wish I still had that link.

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    I have to apologize for my rant earlier. So the "liberals" have to cheat to get elected and the "conservatives" let them continue to do it. Are we going to assume this is the way it is or are we going to change it?

    Here is my bottom-line, one of the greatest American freedoms is our right to vote. I cherish that right. When people cheat an election, I feel very angry. We are told that our vote counts that every voter is helping to determine the future of our country. One person, one vote. If that is not true then that is not America.

    Ghrit has the right attitude. I am middle-age and tied of the BS.
  11. UGRev

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    You are indeed correct. This country is the most divided I've ever seen sit.
    There are always sides, however. No one can ever be in the middle. Pick one.
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  12. RightHand

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    I see that as one of the problems, the us against them scenerio. As long as we view things in the context of opposing side, we'll never accomplish anything because differences are never solved when we have to "win."
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    I don't think he meant it like that (please forgive me UGRev if I am wrong). I believe he meant something like:

    there are issues that make up our political're either either for them or against them.....

    Abortion: for it, or against it
    Unions: for them, or against them

    I don't think he meant in order to "win," we have to convert all to our way of thinking. There is no "winning," only compromise.
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  14. Hispeedal2

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    This is exactly right.

    The polarization that we are experiencing lately is akin to a 5 year old that has to always have their way. Common ground is out there. You can't win every battle. The war is won over many small wins.

    If my 8 year old acted that way, she would be standing in the corner ;)
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  15. UGRev

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    This is mostly what I was trying to say, but on a larger scale. However, compromise is not something that winners do without making sure they get most out of the deal. Technically, that's not even a compromise. It's a strategic win/loss.
  16. CATO

    CATO Monkey+++ chess. Sometimes you have to let some pawns go to achieve a greater goal. However, we must be careful as to what pawns we sacrifice.

    The hypocrisy of this voting issue is that after saying it places an undue burden on minorities to come up with an ID, the liberal Jell-o head will demand a lengthy process and ID to carry a fiream.

    The Constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. It DOES NOT, however, guarantee the absolute right to vote. That was left up to the states. While the 26th Amendment defines the minimum voting age, states could lower this if they wanted. The 15th says you can't be denied voting privileges due to race and the 19th due to one's gender. All it does is outline reasons why you can't be denied to vote. So, requiring a person to prove their identity in order to vote does not fall in one of these protected categories.

    You're probably thinking that convicted felons can't own firearms...think again.

    This might be where the compromise would be useful. Do we actually want a blanket law giving anyone the right to own a firearm? What about people with a known history of mental illness? Surely we can say we don't want those people having guns.

    The slippery-slope of those compromises: a liberal will twist those good intentions to something else to further their agenda. Let's say mentally-ill people cannot own firearms in the future. You start having panic-attacks for any number of reasons and you are prescribed some mood-altering drug so that you don't worry so much.

    That goes in a database. You are now on the list of people with mental issues. Sometime later, your firearm registration is matched up with the mentally-ill list and your guns are confiscated by the sheriff.

    This actually happened to a guy in a VA hospital. His guns were removed from his house by the Sheriff because he was taking anti-depressants.

    A liberal sees this as a good thing and a way to further reduce those having guns. What they don't realize is that if a human wants to do another human harm, they will find a way.

    All I'm saying is that we have to pick our compromises carefully.
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