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Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by Bishop, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Bishop

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    Was at the ball field coaching and watching the boys throw hit catch got me thinking about how I hunt and what I hunt with.i will use the bow for example I hunt with a traditional bow recurve long bow self bow. I do shoot a compound bow and have own cross bows but it really doesn't take a lot of skill to use either of them. it takes skill to use a traditional bow and what it really boils down to it's easier for some one to be proficient with a compound bow or cross bow and it seems like now a days everyone wants the easy button kind of like my punctuation lol I really wish I had a easy button for that.
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  2. duane

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    we have a national mindset that believes that everything has to be high tech and the skill set be in the machine rather than in the user. Cars with all the self driving assists, airplanes that will not fly if their computers do not work, scopes with built in ranging, drop calculator, night vision, drones with cameras, military mobility totally dependent on mechanical transportation as with all the high tech, body armor , etc, they are packing too much weight to march 40 miles and the supply chain requires to much for each person. Few people who have spent all their lives glued to either the TV set, computer game, or I-pod, are willing to spend any time learning and developing the muscles and coordination to use the basic bow, rifle with iron sights, tracking and woodland skills needed to hunt. Setting in a tree stand is a lot different than stalking a deer in the woods. I doubt that 1 person in a hundred has either the strength or persistence to learn how to use a attal or a sling, say nothing of even trying to use something as simple as a slingshot. I know of no one who even knows what a rabbit stick is and between cats and houses, there are no rabbits left here.
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    I do have an long bow and practice arrows along with broadheads.
    My problem is finding the time to practice....No doubt I would starve to death tomorrow if I needed it for food.
    One day hopefully soon I'll break it out and fling some down range?
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    Maybe so there Gator ,,,but I'll bet your Crawdad scavenging is well ahead of the rest of us here. :D
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    True statement Bishop. Brings to mind a statement I was raised on,,," anything worth having , is worth working for " , And Duane is dead on as well. But your commitment , and perseverance to master the tools you use is an inspiration to many of us. And thank you for taking us with you on your trials.
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