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    I hope to this point I have proven myself to not be the type to make predictions and to have not bought into the hysteria associated with specific events like Dec. 2012 or any of that hoopla. If I have not, well, I certainly dont feel that I project that and if I do, it is unintentional.
    That being said, I definately think something is brewing. I know, we all think that....thats why we prep. It is just that right now it feels like some real bad events are unfolding that will really be the tipping point and I think it really has the potential to be this year. This actually irritates me to say because up until the past month I never had this kind of feeling.
    The reason I bring this up is because of a culmination of recent events and upcoming events.
    Most recently the tornadoes from the Gulf coast to the Great Lakes. We average what? 85 tornadoes a month for March? Depending on what sources you listen to there were anywhere from 80 to 90 in one day.
    Greece just got downgraded to the lowest a country can go. Major cutbacks have brought riots and destruction to yet another failed experiment in socialism.
    Isreal is ready to strike Iran at any moment opening a beehive mess that we all will feel.
    Syria is a complete wreck that the blue helmets seem to be positioning to go see.
    And domestically, no matter who wins the election, we all lose. Of course if Obama gets re-elected, we are all screwed.
    Of course there are many more things but this stuff is just the past week. I know news is supposed to be doom and gloom because that is what sells and gets ratings but you cant fluff a lot of this stuff up to be bad, it is all bad and it is real.

    I guess what I am really driving at is that I am upgrading my efforts. This year we will not be having a family vacation and the funds/time off will be allocated towards items in need of immediate attention. It will also be the year of drills and tests. Weekends without power, a lot of camping and making use of the alternate locations.
    I am not worried about a specific event, I can simply see a perfect storm of events unfolding that could potentially not go well for us.
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    I agree I have been talking to a buddy in my group and it's true things are heading down hill quick. Im not all for the 2012 end of the world but I do feel this will be the year that life as we live and know it is going to change and drastic. All it's going to take is one thing to hit the wall and the already cracked wall is going to bust open and the floods will come. The econemy, the riots, the blue helments, attempted goverment control. Then as for the weather and storms Mother earth is tired of being poisoned and raped she is going to start fighting back. The elections you are right I don't think that anyone will be able to fix the problems we are past the point of no return. All we can do is plan for and ride it out, when its over rebuild and fix the system they screwed up over time. Fix it to where the goverment is controled by the people and will never control the people again , do as they are told.
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    Our media is making syria out to be way bigger than it is. If you watched some of the news coverage it shows their fire departments spraying the rebels with hoses. Note this would not be happening if the rebels were a majority and posed any real threat beyond their own local neighborhoods. In syria for now this localized riots not national uprising.
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    Well, the way I look at it is, prep for the worst that you can.
    A wise man once said you have to hit bottom before you can go back up. We may be going down soon, but if we get enough good folks together, and cull the 'herd' of the rabid uberlibs, we CAN craft something better afterwards.
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    I am not saying that everything was going just wonderful until the Syria headlines popped up. Hardly the focal point of my post.
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    The natural distaers dont bother me so much as they have alaways happened and all you can do is deal with them.

    The worlds economony is so close to collepese its really scarey.
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    I quit watching the news on a regular basis, every other morning or so I skim the drudge and check commodity futures, flip through fox, msnbc, bbc, bloomberg..

    I been feeling like something was coming since 1999, but couldn't really put my finger on it til 2006, and doors have been opening, guiding me to a life in Colorado since 2009..

    There's a "12 stages of the awakening" list that I found a while back that describes the stages you go through when you awaken, I'm on like stage 10.. Burnt out on spreading the word and just doing my thing, fairly cynical of all else.

    Best thing you can do is try to get your family practicing, even little things as camping trips, to start thinking about what life was like, before modern conveniences, as that may how it becomes in our lifetime.
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    RE: Election Mess

    Many of us hope that a Republican gets elected. However, it is very unlikely that person will be endowed with the equivalent of an economic magic wand.

    More likely: We will stop digging the hole that has been created by the current administration.

    Keep in mind that there has never been a significant sustained economic recovery without a strong upward movement of the housing sector. There are several pre-requisites that must happen in order to enable a full recovery of the housing sector. I know of 2 of them.

    First, we must repeal the extremely damaging Frank-Dodd (?Dodd-Frank) legislation. Secondly, we must undertake every initiative possible to get the persistent overhang of unsold/undeclared foreclosed homes sold.

    For those that do not know, there are regulations on the books that if banks do not declare a house to be foreclosed, they do not have to put that negative hit onto their financial records. Therefore, they are encouraged, by government, to continuously deny that they actually have a lot of foreclosed houses on their books.

    This is a dirty, rotten, corrupt system and it will probably take 5-10 years of the NEXT administration to clean that mess up--if they can stand the political heat that they will take for doing the right thing.
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    The world to day is like watching a movie on the Si-Fi channel Zombie's wondering lost on the streets, no goverment and the world in caos!!!!!! Goverment cover ups, men in black, sheeple being reprogramed and living in a fantisy land. I tell people I live in a Norman Rockwell painting with a Stephen King plot.
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    Even if circumstances don't get exactly "apocalyptic", I think life is going to become a lot more uncomfortable than at present. There may not be any actual major crises but ongoing troubles such as rising gas prices and food prices, weather problems etc. will make our lives miserable and anxious on a pretty constant basis. Not to mention wars and rumours of wars! I feel we will all be on a chronic adrenalin surge, which is not a particularly happy way to exist. So any prepping we may have done could go a long way to just taking the edge off the many miseries that may be ahead of us. Could just be the thing that makes life bearable, if it doesn't actually "save" us. Just sayin'.
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    I agree. I started to feel that things were really going awry in 2010. They have surely been getting worse at a rapid pace over the years. What we see now is just the beginning of a whole slew of bad things to come, I fear. Global financial issues, global famine, global government, changing weather patterns... All of these things are talked about in the Bible. I don't believe the world is going to end this year, as the Mayan calendar predicts because I am a Bible believer. However, I sometimes wonder if man misinterpreted the meaning of the Mayan calendar. Perhaps it didn't mean the end of the world. Perhaps it meant the end of civilization and liberties. The whole world is on the path of global enslavement. The elites want to run the show and the rest of us are just scum beneath their boots.
    However, they are so blinded by their insanity and godliness egos, that they forget and underestimate the determination and will to live by the masses.

    Okay.. okay... I have a feeling most of you hate this guy, but I feel the need to share. This is just a taste of what we are up against. » New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen (Full Film) Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

    And before you say, "It's not possible. That would never happen to us," remember what Hitler did to not only the Jews, but also to Germans that opposed him. I just get so irritated with people when they say it would never happen. My mother is the worst, unfortunately! It's like they just live in a fantasy world where everything is all peachy keen.

    And as far as electing Republican or Democrat goes, I really don't think it makes a bit of difference. As long as a politician is elected (regardless of party) he/she will just be the puppet of the psychopaths that really run the show. We need somebody who is not out there for the financial gain and display of power. We need somebody who can see through the B.S., tell the psychopathic elites where to stick it, and put this country back on the right track! [rnt]
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    Dont rule out mother nature we are having more and bigger events than in the last 100 years or so. If we get a string of events or the Yellowstone caldera going off all bets are off and the Gov wont be able to handle it.
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    Well I have been feeling this way for so long it's just a lifestyle now .Back in 1982 I saw the way things were going ,I guess it was the gas rationing back in the 70's that put me on that track .Anyway the wife and I were on the same page and we picked up and moved away from NJ and out here with 3 kids and 4 dogs .We worked hard and raised our kids now they are big help to us ,I hate to think what they may have turned out to be had we stayed there . I've watched this nation go down hill for so many years now ,but this is the first time I never saw a way back to what it once was . Now that is a scarey feeling !!
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    My family is into Civil War reenacting and we love to attend Mountain Man rendezvous. We have a series of wall tents, wedge tents, and two tipis. Full kitchen with enough cookware and flatware to serve 20 people. When we go on vacation, we load the trailer with our gear and find remote areas to set up camp. About 6 years back, we loaded up the tipi and set forth to grass point state park, NY 1000 islands region between alex bay and clayton. PRIME modern campground complete with motor coaches worth twice what my house cost. Well, we pull in with my jacked up dodge and a utility trailer haulin wooden boxes and 20' wooden poles. To say the locals were not impressed was putting it lightly. Well, as camp took shape and people started to realize what they were looking at, the park ranger comes by. Asked if were putting on some sort of a show. I said, nope, this is how we camp. He ended up watching us with a grin from ear to ear. So, as we put the finishing touches on the camp, we turned to see about 40 people watching us. Some clapped. We ended up entertaining most of the folks in our area with our camp, our cooking (thats definately another story for another day!), and our gear. We always had coffee, lemonade and a warm biscuit to offer any who wanted and the evening/night security guy took us up on it, he was really happy (because the park ranger told him it was okay to accept it from us).
    One family two spots down had a large boat complete with bedroom, kitchen and toilet/shower thing that any adult would need a running start to get into....anyhow, they invited us along with them to tour the area by water so that was a pretty neat trade off for entertaining them for a few days.
    Well, I know this is WAAAAY off topic but I figured it was okay since I started this thread to begin with and your comment about camping reminded me of what it is like when you put a primitive camper such as myself into what some people call "camping" today and it gave me a giggle. Plus I felt like tellin a story.

    So yeah, we definately know what primitive livin is like, and we take kindly to it. It is the current state of everything outside of my 60acre piece of soil that have the hairs on the back of my neck standing up.
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    I agreed with the rest of it.
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    You got me beat there.. lol
    My amusing "primitive camping" story is somewhat opposite.. Wife and I went to the tala-mina trail to see the leaves turning colors and were gonna go camping, nice winding road perfect for a motorcycle or sportscar (we were in a vette) when we pulled into the basic state campground, backed into our spot, pulled out some digi frankenpacks, and then took off on the hiking trail and camped that evening..

    We got some funny looks from the tenters and land yacht owners alike..
    We're a bit more minimalist when camping, if it don't fit in a frankenpack, we don't need it..

    But I'm sure after a week, you'd beat us on creature comforts.. lol
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    Suerto, that's how my riding buddies and I camp too - by motorcycle. I generally use a one-man bivytent. The guys don't know it, but it's part of my 'training' in case of having to BO.
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    If Obama gets re-elected by the sheeple, the Mayans were right about the 2012 thing. It will be the end of the world.
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