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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by rsbhunter, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. rsbhunter

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    Just read the post about the combiner box and breakers..Thanks for the info TNAndy!!!!!

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  2. Nadja

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    See, I told you that you would like this site a lot better !
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  3. rsbhunter

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    this site better

    Oh man , you don't even know (actually you do) how much i like this site...all of the people here are great, and a couple stand out at phenomenal!!!!!!!! TNAndy, just ordered the Midnight Solar 6 string combiner box off off Amazon(used the link at top of forum) for $97.00 + like $7.00 shipping!!! The place has 2 left at that price in case any body is looking...gonna search for the 10 amp breakers....then that will be one more item i will check off the list...
  4. Nadja

    Nadja RIP 3-11-2013 Forum Leader

    rsbhunter. Here is the real question, yes , I know we are all nice people here. BUT, have you learned anything and even better saved yourself a little money. Now that is what counts.
  5. rsbhunter

    rsbhunter Monkey+

    learned and earned

    Have learned all that my little pea brain will allow so far, and earned (by saving) a combiner box(midnight solar 6 string) and 5- 10 amp breakers just ordered from Ariz. sun and wind...Sure is nice to be on a site where you don't have to be afraid that you might get jumped on like a hobo on a baloney samwich!!!!!!!!!! Golly, i'm gettin all weepy now...rsbhunter
  6. TnAndy

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    OK....I'm gonna have to ask.....are you for real ?

    First, WHY would you start a whole new thread rather than simply post in the thread that this was about ? ordered from Amazon, for $97.....then ordered from AZ Wind/Sun ? ( where they are $77 )

    WTF ?......are you simply jerking our chain ?
  7. rsbhunter

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    Combiner box

    I honestly didn't see the combiner box at $77. at Ariz. Sun & wind....could have saved a bunch, but it's done now,,,did a google search on the box, and it didn't show Ariz.s &w , but when i did a search on the breakers, i did see Ariz. of course, i had already pulled the trigger on the all the other places they were over $100.00, so i thought $97.00 was a decent price......oh well...rsbhunter
  8. ghrit

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    Your research is going to stand the next guy in good stead. One more reason to be here, after learning, is teaching. Thanx.
  9. rsbhunter

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    saving $$$$

    Well, alot of the lessons i learned the hard way...and if it benefits somebody else, good. I have benefited alot from this site, and I'm sure that there's one or two here that have made mistakes that have helped others avoid making the same one.....but, i have my combiner box and breakers....! rsbhunter
  10. Nadja

    Nadja RIP 3-11-2013 Forum Leader

    I myself have made more then my share of mistakes while learning and then finally, after being hit in the head a few times it sunk in. Once you learn especially the hard way, it seems to stay in your dented head a little better and longer. But, still forget some once in awhile. Rsbhunter, I actually got my combiner box for $10.00 but will tell you later on . LOL
  11. rsbhunter

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    $10.00 combiner box

    Nadja , if you tell me that Arizona sun and wind had them last week for $10.00 , I'll hang my self!!!!!!! (kidding) I know that you did some wheelin and dealin to get your system...And you deserve all of it.....In time, I'll learn the ropes, and then, i'll know the places to look, and people that have trading materials...... If $20.00 is the worst mistake i make, then i'll thank God and continue on as i am doing....I'm really glad that i'm still working, and i am in the position to pour alot of money into this right now...that's why, other than batteries (unless they can be bought "dry") and maybe the inverter, i am going to get the system together well as alot of other daily item I'll need....I even went back to the double edge safety razor like my dad used to have.....part nostalgia, and it's ALOT less for blades.....Already have most of my cast iron for cooking, etc, etc....rsbhunter
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  12. Nadja

    Nadja RIP 3-11-2013 Forum Leader

    Rsbhunter. What happened with the combiner box is actually very simple. The solar companies used to sell a pull out disconnect box for about 140.00. Well, after they started a few fires (never good) the company took them off the market. Well, the solar store still had a few in stock , so after pulling out the guts of the unit, it is just an empty large box. 6" x 12" approx. and makes a perfect combiner box. I will be installing it on the roof of my solar building right in the middle of the two arrarys and knockouts on the bottom will be perfect for the 1" conduit etc. It doesn't always have to be fancy dancy to work you know.

    As far as buying the batteries dry, JDFarmer is working on just that. You might want to pm him and see what he has come up with. If you two combine your sales you may get an even better price. I think he is still going with the large rolls surrette. If so, he would be coming over here to the phoenix area to pick them up.
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  13. rsbhunter

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    cost of system

    With what i will have in the total system, i still believe it is worth the investment....As stated elsewhere, if you do this to save money, SUPRISE!!!! Ain't gonna happen!!!! But, to be able to wake up to no other sound other than nature, see sunrises and sunsets, and stars without all the ambient light from a city, and KNOW that there is a God, is repayment enough....If people think off grid solar systems are expensive, show me a quote of what your soul is worth, and compare the 2 figures...If the solar is higher, then you reap what you sow..... That is why the people on this site are so like is not measured by dollar signs...rsbhunter
  14. BTPost

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    It is possible to buy batteries DRY, from the local distributer. That is where they usually get filled, just before shipping to the Dealers. I buy all my L16HDs Dry, from Interstate Battery in Washington State. They deliver to our Barge Service, every week, the day before it sails. ..... YMMV.....
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  15. Nadja

    Nadja RIP 3-11-2013 Forum Leader

    Thanks for that info Bruce. I just sent it to a friend who is also looking for dry-shipped batteries.
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  16. rsbhunter

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    dry shipped

    Bruce, thanks VERY much for that info...iv'e been looking at all the batteries, and have looked at the l-16's...My girlfriend works for the company that does all the repair and maintenance on the city vehicles, and they have an account with Interstate battery....Maybe a way to get a decent price on some unfilled batteries...i would like to go Surretts , but they are expensive, even though you normally get what you pay for....Will have to do a price comparison for Ah/$$$ and longevity of each battery....I know the Surretts are top line....Thanks again for the heads up....rsbhunter
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