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    that the wimpier the guy, the more likely he is to be a socialist.

    I have no idea if this it a massive troll or what... but the CLAIM is... well... SCIENCE...

    really! that's the claim...


    article follows...

    No kidding.

    According to a new study, physically weaker men are more prone to support socialism, a trend psychologists say may be because they feel they can’t compete against stronger men and are therefore consider inequality more threatening.

    According to the Times, U.K., Brunel University ran a study on 171 men, measuring everything from their strength, height, weight and even bicep circumference. What the university found was that the physically inferior men tended to be the ones who said they supported the redistribution of wealth.

    The physically stronger men, on the other hand, were a lot more prone to backing capitalism, and said they supported the idea of naturally dominant social groups.

    “This is about our Stone Age brains, in a modern society,” explained the university’s own Michael Price. “Our minds evolved in environments where strength was a big determinant of success. If you find yourself in a body not threatened by other males, if you feel you can win competitions for status, then maybe you start thinking inequality is pretty good.”

    “Of course this isn’t rational in modern environments, where your ability to win might have more to do with where you went to university,” he added. “Lots of guys who are phenomenally successful in modern societies would probably be nowhere near as successful in hunter gatherer societies.”

    Still, Price says, it’s pretty amazing to see how natural dominant instinct plays out in today’s society, where weaker guys appear to find a lot more value in others being forced to share the wealth.

    New Study Finds Wimpy Guys Are More Likely To Be Socialists
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    Too funny.
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    Sissies can be a gang, too.
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    That theory has a lot of wind in it.
    Ever see the movie "Of mice and men" ?
    Or in psychological circles the "small man syndrome "
    or the phrase ," he's compensation for something "
    Growing up because of my size ,I was bullied ,pressured into fights and never ever wanted this trouble ever.
    And every time the school principal assumed because of my larger frame ,initiated the fights ,and I never did.
    They were too stupid and lazy to gather facts.
    Probably why I had no respect for those people, and any thing they had do teach me .
    Those liberals were the laziest humans on the planet.
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    After reading the list carefully, the authors were reaching and bending facts in many cases to make a point and over looking quite a few facts that would disprove what they were saying. Maybe we can sic Chelloveck on this for the facts behind the lies.
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    OK, I looted this off "random media" but it fits so well here. Anyone who is willing to do this is not a wimp, or a socialist
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    Reminds me a lot of the articles that try to convince you that historical figures were gay - some them might have been, but not by the typical twisted or made up facts. Propaganda is as propaganda does.
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    Political parties, stances, backbone etc.. all seem to be changing. That is my opinion
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    Some folk are prone to cherry pick and provide their own interpretation (usually for their own partisan motives) selected quotes from George Orwell. Although Orwell was a trenchant critic of totalitarianism (both fascist and communist) he was more aligned with democratic socialism than capitalism.

    George Orwell Was a Socialist – ThinkProgress
    The Political Ideas of George Orwell | The Socialist Party of Great Britain
    George Orwell - Wikipedia
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    Well , true or not, but I always thought all them whiny little snowflakes looked a little limp in the wrist .
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