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    I am still searching all over the internet and having little luck in finding anyone ( preferably a couple) to go up on my land up in Northern Arizona, and being "caretakers".
    The "qualifications" may be a bit MUCH for most, which I do understand....
    NO ONE can "live off the land " up there.....
    A tent just won't cut it either. ( 1 guy said he could live under a tarp!)
    A 4wd veicle is a real must for up there as the snow and rain can create a disaster with the un-manitained "roads", as they are...which is: virtually non-existant. A wood stove is preferred, but they are a real hazard in a small travel trailer! Propane is fine, but you have to be able to have a stock or supply of it. Just as you'd need at least a couple cords of wood!IF and when you get snowbound or the roads are 12 inches of way to travel is a real bear....!
    Especially, since you have to haul in water for anything!
    Yes, it's not easy and I have so far had a large number of people contact me with all kinds of NEEDS.
    I cannot suppy them with a 4 bedroom home, with a fire place in each room! I can't by another 4wd vehicle, just to "LOSE IT" to some cretin.
    Most want NOT only for me to SUPPLY them with a vehicle, but a monthly stipend for gas and oil, and pay the insurance too!
    Some want their travel expenses pre-paid, in advance, and their car repair bills paid, their motel rooms paid, and cash for food along the trip.....
    There are some that REQUIRE at least $200 per week, per person !
    I even get local people saying they will come and be my caretaker, BUT the latest example was: they required I give them 5 acres of my land!
    1 guy from Kalifornia just wanted some land to grow his "herbs"...
    Yeah, like I really need that crap!
    I only have 3 parcels for a total of some 6.7 acres, and I don't own it YET! I have to make those danged monthly payments!
    I offer them a free place to reside, pay nothing in rents, or taxes, and I will help them in anything I can...I'm paying $461.00 a month now in mortgage, and another $180.00 every 6 months in taxes!
    It's NOT ever enough. It seems that some in our society no longer wants to help themselves, they have become candidates for handouts!
    My "former" caretaker, took me to the cleaners!
    I am out $2800 in the repair of a 1988 Bronco, and another $5,000 in suppllies and equipment. Not to mention that he has "borrowed" and "lent' many of my supplies for himself and his newly found friends in the area!
    Propane, tanks, sheets of plywood, 2 x4 's, batteries, wiring, signs, fencing, posts, food, and the list is 2 pages in length so far!
    He has departed and purchased his "own" property ( well, actually his mommy and daddy did...after all, he is ONLY 49 years of age!)
    Sheesh! GIMMEES!
    The biggest part of being a "CARETAKER" is in the word all by itself! Apparently very few get the concept that requires that they are responsible to take care of the property...
    Now, that is NOT mowing or watering the lawn, not watching the kids or dogs, or trimming trees, etc.
    It's really simple. Let people know you are there and be visible enough to make them aware, that the place is not an easy target for burglary!
    But, no way many get the idea. They want to be paid high wages to go and sit and be fed and pampered. Some want a beer budget and of course cellular phone, internet, and satellite tv paid for them as well....
    I let them know I will be coming up 2-3 times a month, bringing in supplies, and doing work, such as putting in fencing and so forth....
    I offer to buy a 500 to 2500 gallon water tank and to have water delivered at my cost....Then they want me to put in a laundry, and a shower ( with HOT water of course!)....Not to mention the plumbing and pumps....
    I get those that ONLY want FREE land ( I have to sign it over to them?) so they can build a sandbag home there, or better yet, a log cabin!
    I ask if they have a large truck, a large trailer, chainsaws, and able to be a lumberjack! Unless they are rich and can have the logs pre-cut and delivered...If they have that knid of money, they should go and buy their own lands! Sandbag homes...
    Great! Where are you going to get all the help to build it? I was told they could go into town and recruit local people to help for FREE!
    Yeah and I''ll buy into that one! Then, I am supposed to SUPPLY them with the sandbags, the barbed wire, and the rest of the materials....
    All it would take is about 2 inches off the top of 2 acres of land!
    IF I had that kind of money, I'd build one for myself and move up there in a week or so! Too, you get those that can "easily build a rock home"....wait until they see the prices up there for rock, especially delivered, IF you can find a driver to risk his axles and tires doing it!
    At this point, I feel it's so much easier for me to save all my money, and when I have enough to move everything at once, make the move.
    It's bizarre!
    Just when you think you may actually find a person or better yet a couple, it seems that they have "special" needs....
    Like a mother that needs her own room, and a nurse!
    SAY WHAT???
    1 man said he'd do it for the free trees! He'd be willing to stay long enough to cut down every tree on my land and sell it for money!
    GEE, I'm so HONORED!
    Now, either all of these people have drunk the Kool-aid, taken the pills, or are mentally defective!
    Multiple choice perhaps?
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    I'm supprised that no one requested guns and ammo to protect the ranch from illegal aliens... and Bug out supplies when things for when things get tough.....:rolleyes:
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    Why do you need a caretaker for 6 acres of land? My family owns a ranch that is hundreds of acres and has a ranch house and a garage with 4wd golf carts in it, and no one lives there.

    We take turns going out and taking care of basic maintenance, and checking on it. We keep the expensive stuff in a secure store room in the garage, but no one has ever messed with it. This is typical in many many ranches down here in Texas. Pretty much the only time you need a caretaker is if you have cattle or other livestock who have to be fed/wormed and have their access to water checked every day. Otherwise save yourself some money, just carry the expensive stuff in and out with you every time, and leave it as it is.
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    What I don't get from your posts on this subject is what are you willing to pay to have somebody do the job? A place to park? You expect this person to have all the essential items for survival, other than the water you mentioned, and they'll take care of and protect your property just to be able to stay there? You're looking for somebody that is independently wealthy? I just don't get it. I do agree that 99% of the items they're asking from are ludicrous. A wage that covers their ability to feed themselves and access the property isn't unreasonable. Based on all the posts about your caretaker issues I'd say you need to stop and think very carefully about what your expectations for this position are. Live-in caretakers generally receive room and board with a small stipend for personal items. In your situation you're going to have to provide certain things or pay more so that the caretaker can provide for themselves. It will be very difficult to find somebody that already has all they'd need to live on the property and are willing to care for it on their own dime.

    Maybe I don't have enough information. I don't remember reading a post that mentioned what you were offering. It just doesn't sound to me as if your compensation package is commensurate with the job you're expecting them to do. I guess I just need more clarification.

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    Having lived up here in N. Az. for about 15 years now, it is going to be tough for what you want. Why don't you just ask a neighbor up here to sort of watch over your property and to give you a call should there be some squatters or wood cutters etc roaming around ? It would cost you nothing and give you a little piece of mind. I watch a couple of pieces of land that border mine, and it is no real problem to make a call should some idiot decide he wants to squat etc.
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    The biggest concern is: the several thousands of dollars in equipment which I have stored inside of 2 separate trailers, that I cannot haul back and forth over 150 miles each way, each time I come up to the property.
    The second problem is: the local thieves. They have been seen stripping a mobile homes aluminum covering, while the owners were in town only 15 miles away! I have no neighbors close by, maybe 4 1/2 miles over very rough terrain, not much in the way of a road, and lots of trees. Yes, we have had to run off some people cutting down trees on other people's properties! The ability to call the local sheriff is NOT a real problem, as is their response. They may actually come, in as little as 2 weeks, if at all! Most peope live in the center of their respective lots, and they have 5-6 strand barbed wire fences, and keep their gates LOCKED! And they never go far, or stay away from their places for any real length of time, unless they pay or barter a neighbor 'something' to actually stay on the place! I tired that, once.... It cost me a 30 pack of Budweiser for a half an hour! I can't afford the beer appetite some have. Many would gladly take DRUGS in trade, but that's not my thing! My land consists of 3 lots, 2 of which are joined inline, 330 feet wide by 660 feet long, but the last one is separated from those 2 by 675 feet, ( 2 other lots and a road) and invisible by eye at ground level.
    The thieves that live in and around the area, come in at night and take whatever they can carry away. I had to remove the tires from my trailers to keep them from being stolen. Many that are known for thievery are not from the local town, but actually have been "tracked" to towns, some 35 to 60 miles away!
    I cannot pay to have anyone come and sit there, provide them with free: beer, cigarettes, satellite TV, satellite Internet, and cellular phones, plus food, cash and a home! I pay the mortgage and land taxes and I have to live on $600 a month myself. Those that say they would require $200 a week per person for a couple, have no odea what they are asking. When it is explained, they want MORE!
    I am offering them land to come reside on, plant things, have their animals, and if they want, to even build on, with a written document giving them access to the land: 24/7/365, for as long as they desire. I would be putting in fencing, gates, and so forth, and I only ask that they assist in doing that, for their own use/good as well! What I explain in detail is the weather conditions, the terrain, the need for a 4wd vehicle, etc., etc. It would be good for a retired person/couple, or someone on social security/disability....It's NOT for just anyone. But, it saves some the problem of buying ther own place, making the down payment, and monthly payments and taxes.
    It's not free by any means. You have to have supplies, and be able to know what you are getting into, LONG before you try such a thing. It takes strong willed people, able to go the distance in an isolated area, that is quite wild. You have to be able to haul in and store water, and cut and store up firewood BEFORE winter sets in, and you get snowbound for a couple of weeks....
    I'd hate to see a re-make of "The Shining"!
    The last guy I had as a caretaker, is still into me for nearly $6,000 today!
    Not again.
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    Put in a bermed cement block building and a suitable steel door. That or haul your gear to a neighbor and pay him storage to watch it. You cannot stop thieves w/o killing them so go with other options. Seems you have already spent a lot of money on "help" that could have built you a substantial structure. You can get a sat connected cam cheaper than your "help".
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    I was referred to a "Caretakers Gazette", and I can place an ad, but it's NOT cheap by any means. Most have to have some sort of housing and food supplied. This is far beyond any housesitter's position. It's one of those "specialties" where you are either able to handle ALL the probable things that could arise, or you're not! I can see it's a dead end at this point!
    Several "offers" have come my way, IF an WHEN I can deliver a home and all the rest they NEED. I can barely afford my own living situation right now, and it's not getting any easier and cheaper as we all know!
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    We have several friends who own acreages with trailers on them that are only inhabited part time while they finish up their retirement goals at their jobs in town. We are also doing that. I cannot imagine having to pay someone to watch a property full-time.

    There are plenty of deadbeats in OK too, but I guess they are too lazy to get out in the sticks. You are in my prayers. Hopefully a solution to your problem will present itself in the near future.
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    Unfortunately, "most" responses were from people that have vehicle and no way too stay in out of the rain....I a masked( demaned of in some instances) to provide everything you can imagine, including an olympic sized pool! Heated of course! I was even told I would have to give them land, at least 5 acres.....which I don't own! What I "was" looking for ( note: past tense)was for a man or a couple that could drag a travel or 5th wheel trailer up there...I was even ameniable to allowing them to stay on that land and use it ( wisely) and have them help with fencing and security, whereas I would provide a number of, satellite tv, and satellite internet services....I would have even provided them with a number of electronic devices to include: driveway alarms, IR camera systems, even gmrs/frs and cb radio comms as well as ham radio and I would set it all up for them.
    I would bring in lumber and build chicken coops and provide the chickens and feed, and even build rabbit hutches and supply the rabbits and feed. I offered to place a couple of dogs up there as well, and provide the animals with whatever they would needfor shelter, warmth, and feed, as well as all veterinary shots as required.....
    Finally, I just gave up!
    I'm slow, ok but eventually even I get the message!
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