Its started...("we'll beg for surveillance")

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Tango3

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    Watching fox news last night, discussion centered on the"foiled" British ... "plot"and how the cctv video was going to be a major factor in catching these "evildoers"...Hannity was peppering the guest( some brit politician) with questions about how the British public dealt with the intense video surveillance in and around London and pointed out how we really don't have any expectation of privacy in public anyway...

    Hannity:"Perhaps we should surrender a few minor civil liberties to prevent the "terrorist" from getting us??" ...AAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!:shock:
    Hannity is such an idiot[axe].
    There I go again, better get the double thickness commercial grade tinfoil out.[tinfoil101][tinfoil101]
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    The govt. is going to continue to use the fear of an attack to justify the loss of our rights. But lets face it surveillance is taking place every second of our day. If you have a cell phone they can track you, when your on the Interweb they track you. Sites like this one are watched all the time. They are putting RFID in everything these days, my family is on a trip right now, for ease of getting around I have a RFID for the tolls, I can now sit at home and watch their progress as they drive, I will bet that in states that have this in place also have the readers in other locations, like intersections, I'm sure they can look us up in real time anytime they feel.

    I work for a RF shielding company, I've always had the though of shielding my house, both for RF and acoustic, but all I have to do is leave my house and the tracking begins. Since I don't do anything wrong I don't really care, but who's to say that walking out my door someday won't be against the law.
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    Tango....Funny... I watched this crap on Fox yesterday too (but didn't see Hannity), and had thought about posting this myself. Instead I just ranted to my wife :)

    The overall message I heard from Fox was "how great all these cameras are". All I could see was the face of Big Brother.

    They'll use this as an excuse for a lot more cameras here in the states..... Unless we get Ron Pual in office.

    And I agree..... Hannity is an idiot! "Perhaps we should surrender a few minor civil liberties"? WTF.... Minor? Constant surveillance from the gov is minor?
  4. Seacowboys

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    Already cameras all over the highways, in every store, public parking garages, busy street corners, where else are they gonna put them? never mind...
    We have been under constant video surveillance since the early 80s. The only thing left to do is to cross-reference our rf chips and gps cell-phones, lojacks, etc. into a central tracking data-base...oh, did I not mention that NSA has been doing that for a while but just with selected individuals or groups, or group affiliations,and the occasional random, just in case.
    And now a word about other keepers....those neat little cards that the grocery stores issue to you to scan and get the $2.00 off on the industrial size tampons also track every purchase you make, how you pay for it, what your diet, hobbies, household needs, purchasing power, bank accounts, get the picture. This is all sold to who-ever wants to buy it from them and the .gov is not excluded.
    Just got a speeding ticket for one of my company vehicles from North Carolina, had a picture with the speed reading, time and date, and I could see the driver clearly enough to identify him.
    Lots of cop cars (including meter-maids) now have license-plate readers that scan and search every vehicle within their range; BOLOs are pop-up screen. This is a good crime-fighting scheme but what other info pops up? Wants and warrants?
    CCWs? (yes they do), traffic violations? terrorist watch-list?
    How much of a jump is it to include the rest of your data? I am amazed at the computing and data files contained within my home network and company network. I can see all our vessels in real-time, track our vehicles, control the IP security cameras at the office and warehouse, get an email from them if something sets off a motion detector, ...I scare myself sometimes, with the surveillance powers at my finger-tips.
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    Interesting, but it all goes down to my friends the Amish say. You can be in the system or out, you can't be both and they have the high tech to keep an eye on the Amish for their "own" good. Once you select for what ever reason to have a checking account, a computer, cell phone, gas credit card etc, you are in the system and that is that. You will never have any privacy and all that you can hope for is that our harmless fanasties do not trigger "their" paranoia. We all have records from the minute we are born to when we are buried and all steps in between. I got out of the USAF in 1960 and the VA accesses my records in seconds. While that is to my advantage, I don"t know what else is out there. I was on vacation and at a 1 pump gas station in a town of 200 people in rural Minnesota and put my debit card in the readed. In 5 seconds it checked my card, my pin number, the amount in my checking account and said ok get fuel, then deductedc $40 from my account. All of this was at 10 PM on a Sunday night at an unattended station> Handy, but what a farce about bank "privacy"!
  6. BAT1

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    We are tracking them. Let's catch them doing wrong. Throw the TV's in the streets. They pay Hannity 4 million a year to lie to us. Oreily 5mill and Rush 385mill to feed us that garbage. Monitor them.
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  8. Tango3

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    So "drumming up charges" is okay with philadelphians???
    Perhaps I'm using the "old" meaning as in: "making up false charges"???
  9. MbRodge

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    No, I'm sorry to say I think you are thinking of the correct definition. Since they came to their house and arrested them without a warrant, they were hoping that they would find something inside that would justify their actions. Apparently cops are no longer worried about having evidence thrown out in court if it is obtained improperly.
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