Its that time of year again.

Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by oil pan 4, Jun 5, 2016.

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    Those of you in the states you should be relatively save.
    Where I am lets just say I am waiting with baited breath for the fireworks show start.
    You guys have all day its like 5am central time, where I am, I have about 4 hours from the time I post this till it gets dark.
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    Ramadan Kareem !!
    I don't know how many Ramadans I have spent in the Mid-East. More than a dozen in the last 25 yrs. I love Ramadan, especially when it falls in the summertime, everything during the day shuts down. There's no traffic on the roads, the stores are empty, and at work it is like one long weekend. I don't get any calls or emails during the day. No one bothers me. It's great. As for "fireworks" the only ones I have ever seen are at the end of Ramadan to celebrate Eid Al Fitar. I will miss Eid this year but have had many a great celebration and party at that time over the years. We usually shut the rig down and have a big party with lot's of food and sweets. And in town everything is decorated and lighted. Think of it like Christmas and New Years all rolled into one. Without the alcohol tho!
    I don't know where you are but here in the Gulf region they aren't expecting it to start until Monday or Tuesday night. Depends on the moon. It starts when the crescent moon is spotted.
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    Yeah... I miss Ramadan as much as I miss the yearly Hajj. I use to work next to the airport and it was a mess that time of year... Thank goodness I'm done. They can keep them both. I'm finally stateside and this time I'm staying...bunkered down in Idaho where the people have a bit of common sense and a live-and-let-live attitude.
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