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It's time to have that talk. And it's going to be uncomfortable. Coronavirus.

Discussion in 'Survival of the Fittest' started by VisuTrac, Mar 12, 2020.

  1. VisuTrac

    VisuTrac Ваша мать носит военные ботинки Site Supporter+++

    So, have you had the talk with your family?
    no not the one were you may have a child out there somewhere.
    I'm talking about Medical Directives.

    If shit gets bad, do you want to be intubated? How about being jump started? When should they call it good enough?

    It's going to be a tough conversation. There may be crying. Did you let everyone know the plan? Did you document it?

    The conversation with the wife made me sad. She's on the fence with the intubated and it's a no on the jump start. Where I'm on the, hook me up to the compressor and no more than a few tries with the jumper cables. Going to be talking to the kids this weekend and getting everyone's wishes written down and signed. everyone is gonna get a copy.

    This is rough.

    Good luck to you as well.
  2. techsar

    techsar Monkey+++

    Not a subject that anyone enjoys, but if you have the gameplan laid out in advance it takes a load off of the people being left behind...and yeah, that's rough.

    Sit down, talk it out and then document it!

    Don't forget wills and powers of attorney while you're at it.
  3. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Paperwork is locked in, has been for several years. Them as needs to know, know.
  4. oldawg

    oldawg Monkey+++ Site Supporter+

    They need to know your wishes. It takes the load off their shoulders and it keeps the guilt of did they make the right decisions or not at bay. The talk may seem hard but I think you'll find afterwards a sense of relief and calm.
  5. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Yes. Prepping isn't all about surviving a volcanic explosion or other whatever. If your family is in the dark, they may well be leaderless if one of those hot pumice blocks takes you out.
  6. HK_User

    HK_User A Productive Monkey is a Happy Monkey

    All Done
  7. Gator 45/70

    Gator 45/70 Monkey+++

    Hmm, Mom's in bad shape at 84,My concerns are with her.
    The boy has a side house rental business with 17 up and rented out.
    We are discussing me investing a fair amount of cash in order to run this up as an income generator for the girl,him,wife and Ben the G-son.
    As far as me,Bury me on our land or as a joke,
    Told them to lay me out in a field and let the buzzards eat me,
    So that I may fly over my enemy's heads and crap on them.
  8. Hanzo

    Hanzo Monkey+++

    I love my family and I love my grill. Told wifee she should cremate me with my grill. By the same token, I know where I'll be taking her ashes to be scattered in the mountains.
  9. Thunder5Ranch

    Thunder5Ranch Monkey+++

    All done here as well. Cremated and the box of ashes me buried with my dogs that have gone on before me. A simple headstone for the spot in the woods already in place "Here rest a man and his dogs" If I can be saved will come out a brain damaged semi vegetable or all crippled up..... just let me die, because that ain't saving me.
  10. HK_User

    HK_User A Productive Monkey is a Happy Monkey

    You'll find me in a National Cemetery.
  11. Altoidfishfins

    Altoidfishfins Monkey+++ Site Supporter+

    Actually it's easy for me, no kids and I know how my wife and I both feel about it.
    Going to be a vegetable? Step on my oxygen hose please!
    Donated my body to medical research. After you're dead, who cares what happens to you?
  12. techsar

    techsar Monkey+++

    Speaking of which...not all body donations are the same. Some still require the family to dispose of the body, whatever is left of it...including any hazmat fees. Make sure you know the WHOLE story.
  13. Altoidfishfins

    Altoidfishfins Monkey+++ Site Supporter+

    My mother went that route - very considerate of her.
    They took care of everything, no charges.
    I just had to sign a form.
  14. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    Seems like I should be investing in publicly listed law firms specialising in wills and estates; and testamentary family trusts. :eek:
  15. 3M-TA3

    3M-TA3 Cold Wet Monkey Site Supporter++

    Had the talk a long time ago. We both know the other's wishes and will respect them.
  16. Cruisin Sloth

    Cruisin Sloth Special & Slow

    All done here .
    The last Kidney stone ,,,,I have asked to be removed by a few lovely Lady's,, old fashion way !
  17. VisuTrac

    VisuTrac Ваша мать носит военные ботинки Site Supporter+++

    Yeah, This topic was point more towards the ones that are here trying to get started in prepping while the world seems to be falling apart around them and have kids at home.

    I had a pretty good idea what the woman wanted but today we actually had a direct conversation regarding end-of-life. Wasn't too difficult with the woman, but when we started talking with the kids about it and starting mapping out how to get access to cash, life insurances, how the mortgage would be covered and that Mom and Dad once we are gone .. you are suppose to burn us up as opposed to getting one of those fancy over priced boxes and an expensive hole in the ground. You know, the fun shit.

    That is when the crying started. Pointed out to them that by the time they have this conversation with their kids .. it's going to be way easier for them than their kids … it's just the facts. None of us are getting outta this thing called life alive.

    So any way, now is a good time to have this conversation with the whole family if you haven't already.

    Just my humble suggestion.
  18. oil pan 4

    oil pan 4 Monkey+++

    I want to be cooked then have a coffin filled with guns and ammo put in a mausoleum.
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  19. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart Snow Monkey Moderator

    AlaskaChick wants a Vikings Funeral... She has the boat already... She deserves it, as she is my very own Shield Maiden...
  20. Gator 45/70

    Gator 45/70 Monkey+++

    If I were down under I would have a statue of you put in the town square and filled with you're ashes !!!
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