It's time to have that talk. And it's going to be uncomfortable. Coronavirus.

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    How about a concrete cast statue with an ash admixture?
    This is still part of prepping, and in reality an important step as suggested several times above. It may well be the most important step you take if TEOTWAWKI doesn't happen in your lifetime. For sure, it is one of the shortest steps you can take along the way to surviving, 'cause you ain't gonna get out of here alive. Just do it. So far as paperwork goes, there are umpteen on line sources, and your friendly mouthpiece will happily help you make things proof against predatory ex's and grasping kids.
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    Great topic @VisuTrac !
    The family is never ready for this conversation and it is one that needs to be had more than once. As you discuss as a family it does get easier. Its like anything difficult. The more you discuss it the more acceptance everyone has. We have had enough discussions in my family that everyone is clear who needs to do what.

    We all went with this Neptune Society for cremation because they could come get the body anywhere, you pay a one time fee up front.

    Neptune Society Locations

    Cremation Planning - Neptune Society
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    Yup everything taken care of here. Ideally I would like to be spread somewhere across my beloved Rocky Mountains, but knowing Sass she'll probably get as far as the rest stop just this side of Tupelo and figure that hill is close enough...
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    I wish I could like this a hundred times.
    It looks like several have already had "the talk", but please, please, put it in writing. If both of you get hit by a bus, are failing with dementia, etc., other people need to know what your wishes are. Most kids really don't want to talk about their parents' demise, but it's a necessary evil. No kids? Talk to a trusted friend and let them know where to find your important papers and documents.
    Think now about powers of attorney. All this isn't the sexiest topic, but again, very necessary.
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    Just had “The Talk” with my family a couple of weeks ago. My parents not only taught me how to live with dignity and grace, they taught me how to die the same way. It’s a lesson I want to pass on to my children.
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    Let's hope it is a long time before she has to have it, and you too, sir!

    My mother-in-law used to brag about all the clutter and junk they have sitting around their house. "When I die, it's YOURS to worry about" then she'd cackle. (Borderline hoarders from depression era).

    Finally after hearing that for the 92nd (or maybe 93rd time, I forget) I said: I have two words for you Marge. "Two words?" Yup, VIKING funeral (in the house).
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    I noticed someone mentioned ventilators. One of my good friends was a respiratory therapist. My best friend got lung cancer then some idiot visited him at home with a cold. My friend ended up on a ventilator. The RT guy basically told me after 3-4 days, your prognosis of coming off a ventilator goes way down. He told me people don't realize how much of your physical energy just goes into breathing, and your body just doesn't want to pick up the load again if you're very ill.

    My best buddy of 52 yrs met his end on his terms. Third time they tried to wean him off and could not do it. He would not let them re-intabate him. Took 3 docs to sign off that he was mentally aware enough to make that decision. He died 1.5 hrs later. Good man. Miss him still and that was 2 yrs ago.

    Stay well.
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    yes your body stops using all the muscles it takes to breath so its hard to get off a ventilator after a short period of time.
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    The inconvenience, irritation and elbow grease required for anti-infection hand washing is far easier and convenient than recovering from ventilator assisted breathing.
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    I've written my living & dying orders. Graveside service, & before they close the lid on my box, my .45 is to be placed loaded on my hip, & my favorite blade by my side. My hole has already been bought & paid for. An just to make sure the church don't try to re-sell it before I can use it, & bought my rock for it as well. Though I refuse to go see my own tombstone. A fact my mother finds funny as hell.
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