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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by tacmotusn, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    Actually I think It is long past time to think about Impeachment of Obama! I think he has done so much that is so wrong in such a short period of time that he may well truely destroy this nation as the world knew us. That said, I would like to rationally discuss legal valid legitimate reasons to pursue this. I would like to get enough good ideas on this to put something together that actually might grow legs and run. So, there is the challenge! Anyone care to comment, vent, give valid input, discuss, question, or whatever, lets do it!

    1. Obama has lied under Oath. case in point; His oath of office. Since taking the oath of office as President, he has violated the Constitution repeatedly. Let us list the violations.

    2. Lies, lies, and more lies. It is understandable when a presidential candidate makes promises, gets elected, attempts to follow through on his promises, but is shut down by the Legislative, or Judicial branches of Government. It is another thing entirely when that President makes no effort to do what he said he was going to do, but instead immediately sets out to do the opposite. Even many of those who voted for this mere man are now unhappy with the actions he is taking. Although I am not sure these are impeachable actions, It is still worth our effort to document specific actions in this vein completely, and use them at every turn to garner more and more people disappointed with him.

    I will leave it at that for now. I welcome and hope for a multitude of comments on this.

    "FREE AMERICA FROM TYRANY" before USA becomes USSA (United Socialist States of America) !!!
  2. Tango3

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    Hate to pee on the parade right off But; if politicians were impeached for not following through on promises there wouldn't be any elected officials in d.c...
    I would be happier if the constitution were enforced: starting back with old (Hey:it's 0530! ) sign this here "patriot" act G.W.Boosch...

    If politicians sucessfully change the laws (like Wiemar,GE.) there's no stopping the damage they can do legally.You can run around in circles firing into the air and stomping your feet but if its legal and your reps didn't bat an eye to stop it; it's done...
    Rep Kucinich read articles of impeachment on the floor for Boosch and Cheney and it went nowhere...("impeachment is off the table" as Pelosi said)
    Hillary told us in the beginning of the last campaign " she was not a liberal" ;but an "early 20th century progressive"( communist?). I need to do a ittle research but I think the whole administration is cut from that cloth.
  3. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    As I have said on posts before, there is no way for me to hide from the government. So that said, My position is to make my voice loud and clear. I aspire to be the greatest thorn in the side of these tyrants that I can be within the letter of the law and the Constitution.

    So, don't pee on my parade my friend. Give me some input that I can use here. I know you are an intellegent guy with some many years of experience and wisdom to share.
  4. The Expendable

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    Starting back with whom? Please, you need to go back further than that. Who is the President that BHO compared himself to most often? That's right, the "Great Emancipator" himself, Honest Abe Lincoln. I think he was the first President to completely disregard the Constitution. BHO was right to have himself sworn in using Lincoln's Bible. He swore to uphold and defend the Constitution just like Lincoln did, and so far he's following him down the same path.

    There will be no impeachment, I can assure you of that. With a jackass controlled house any call for impeachment will be quickly quashed.

    My only question is this... will BHO replace Alexander Hamilton on the ten or U.S. Grant on the fifty? :mad:
  5. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    I think we are putting ourselves on the maphere; my wife is getting personal phone responses from State senator Russ deckers' staff (in madison.).
  6. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21


    Exactly! But as I said, I am not hiding, I can't. Uncle Sam knows exactly where I am. I do not care! I also have been in direct contact with My Senators and my Congressman. They have answered emails and letters, and called me here at home. I don't mind. I feel that reenforces my belief that they are hearing me. Whether or not it has a positive effect may be an other story alltogether.

    Come on folks, give me some ammo here. I'll stand on the soap box and shout it to the world. I know you have complaints, and also believe he has stepped across the line. So tell me about it.

    As for who was the first to try to disregard the Constitution, it was Washington! Almost every President has except one. For the life of me at this moment I can't call up his name. He damn near shut down the country by sticking to the letter of the law and the Constitution. I'll do a little research and tell you his name.
  7. The Expendable

    The Expendable Bread and Circus Master

    Yes, please tell us who it was. As far as my comments about Lincoln, I meant that he was the first one to exhibit a blatant disregard for the Constitution he was sworn to protect.
  8. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    To be completely honest I am not sure at this time. Grover Cleveland was who comes to mind but then he is described as ushering in a new wave of Executive branch Power unheard of before and the passing it on to Teddy Roosevelt who we all know was almost as bad as Lincoln on that score. Cleveland did exercise his veto power more than any other president before or after. The only Pres. to come close was FDR. I gave up searching for that pearl of wisdom. I know for a fact that there was JUST ONE President so far who strictly toed the line with regard to the Constitution. I'll have to get back to ya. For now I am going to let it go.
  9. ikean

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    i think its more hold there feet to the fire and hold them accountable.if hat means impeachment so be it. but we need to clean out the legsilative branch first.we keep electing these guys and they are still doing whatever they want. the senates popularituy ratings were lower than w's @ points and they were putting the blame on w for not doing anything.they all have voting records that are public record. publicise them.a great many of them are commiting treason. they have not represented our countries best intrest for a long time.
    instead of a billion dollar senate investigation, we should have a public investigation of the house and senate.
    replacing one man will likely not help much.we need to change the way our country was governed.if an elected official can be proven to be peddling influence,prosecute them. if they are selling us out to another county,charge them with treason.
    we need to go back to the constitution, not rewrite it.
    maybe consider single terms and no "legacy/family"presidential lines.
    how about citizen legislators who are elected to represent there constituents earn what there constituents earn,or even do it as a great honor to represent your constituents and due it voluntarilly with a stipend equal to what you were making.
    just a thought.[rnt]
  10. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Exactly Where in the constitution does the executive get to fire the ceo of a major corporation and stock the board of directors with his picks?????

    Listen to hannity or beck a bit they rail against zero all the time.I agree ikean; elected officials are stewards of our system,not authorised to run over it.

    "old (Hey:it's 0530! ) sign this here "patriot" act G.W.Boosch"...
    this comment was referring to g.w.( as in "good ole G.W.")
  11. ikean

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    too bad the majority of people are chugging the koolaid!
  12. The Expendable

    The Expendable Bread and Circus Master

    Which is why I stand by my earlier comment... there will be no impeachment.
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