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    I havent had much time to visit or read threads recently, for about 2-3 months things here have been very busy!
    I bought a 1988 Ford Bronco, and it became a money pit!
    So far, not counting the $1,200.00 I paid for it, I spent an additional $2,500.00 and adding daily, to get it "prepped" for the trip up north.
    It has to be in near perfect condition as the snow and such is a bear up there each winter.
    Replaced the brakes, transmission, transfer case, wheel bearings and seals, brake rotors, bushings, battery, heater core, wipers, etc., etc....

    My "caretaker" has only an atv right now, so it is a necessity.
    Besides, we have to haul all our water and get at least 2-3 months supplies each time it goes into town, some 50+ miles away!
    The local water well is only 12 1/2 miles away, but to make it worth while you need to get 200-300 gallons at a time.
    We have several 15, 30-35, and 55, poly water barrels, but they are hard to handle.....the smaller 15 gallon sizes are best, but they break easily too!
    We did manage to get a 210 gallon tank and set it up on a temporary base until next spring...
    We have to set it in 6 inches of sand, and insulate it with bales of straw, top to bottom.
    UV light is the real problem, it deteriorates the tanks very quickly.

    Meanwhile, clearing of a makeshift road, moving and stacking rocks and boulders for boundaries.....
    We had posts and lines up, then along came the cattle!
    So much for that!
    Total loss!

    We have enough barbed wire to run 5-6 strands over the 1800+ ft area, but not enough posts, so we are going to use the trees as they stand.
    The fence may not be straight, but it will be stronger in the end.

    Solar is a real trip up there!
    The wind tries to rip the panels away from their mounts, and the dust covers them with 1/4 inch of dirt, almost on a daily basis!

    We have already used up 2 of our deep cycle batteries, and have had to refill our 7 propane tanks 3 times.
    It do get a bit cold when the wind (always blowing) comes in at 45 mph!
    Just a few days (2-3 weeks?) ago, it was 14 degrees with a 40 mph wind....COLD!

    Got a 'Sunmar' brand, composting toilet, but we still need to build a building for it...tarps dont work, and they shred really quick up there!

    Having fits with the ground and mud right now....
    We originally had planned to move into the center of the 4 1/2 acres, but due to the time constraints at the time, we set up temporarily on the northern 1/3 of the site.....
    Bad choice!
    With only a day of rain, we have a mud bog right now up there.
    4" and getting worse....We expect more rain over the weekend.

    The center area has much more small (gravel sized) rock, where we had planned to move into, but we have to clear out several trees...
    Deciding which ones to cut, is the biggest problem.
    The trees afford a windbreak, and as my "caretaker' has discovered, they are needed desperately when that north wind comes into the canyon area.

    We have had our deer hunting season recently, and as I was told prior, the area would fill up with animals avoiding the hunters...IT DID!
    My caretaker was scared to death when he stepped outside of his RV the other morning, as he heard some strange noises and the dogs were going beserk......
    The area was filled with antelope, he estimates 300-400, maybe more, as the trees are too dense to see very far.

    Then, the hunters were shooting about 300 feet away from our place and stampeded the local cattle....
    So much for my itty bitty fencing!

    It's open range, and not easy to control them monsters up there!
    So, I have to get firewood stocked, move 4 wood stoves, a lot of supplies, and foods for the winter (you can be isolated up there for as long as 2-3 months at a time they tell me!) plus at least 1-2 vehicles for any emergency usage.

    BTW: those GMRS/FRS radios are worthless up there..line of sight only!
    We have begun to install several radios/antennas, and helping local neighbors to do the same.
    We live in an area that is "barter rich".
    Everyone up there lives by bartering and horse trading and it works marvelously!

    Luckily, a couple of residents in the area have heavy equipment and we are bartering for the use of their equipment, to clean up roads, build berms and ditching around our land site. ( Just for the cost of fuel and a meal, or haul water for them as needed! What a deal!)

    Any trees we want removed is done by locals that will do so for the firewood alone, and give us 50% of the harvesting!
    Now in the processing of buying one of the locals extra trailers, a 20 ft. x 8 ft. with a dump bed, and a 1 ton axle, with 18 inch side boards installed for hauling rock....($500.00 or trade!)

    Many "residents' that bought land there and tried it, decided to leave and actually abandoned their land after 1 winter....
    It is not easy, but the rewards are great if you stick it out!

    1 man stays above us on a mountain, that has been there for 2 years, no electricity, no solar, nothing!
    He only has:1 cat, 3 dogs, and a shack from the outside, but a 5 star hotel inside! Amazing what a person can do, with time to do it all!
    We traded hauling in water for him and he is working with us to build a rock wall....He has a cold storage cellar, he has hewn out of solid rock up on the mountainside, where it it at least 6+ ft high/deep, and 8ft. x 8ft. inside for his foods.
    He has 2 vehicles that need repairs, so we offered to help do the repairs and welding required....
    He doesent have a lock on his door, no need for it up there he says!
    He Looks like Grizzly Adams too!
    Interesting people!
    Many have goats, chickens, rabbits and such, a few have horses, but the cost is really out there for feed and you have to have a decent shelter!
    I was considering getting 4-6 feeder calves, but locals talked me into buying a couple yearlings from local ranchers, instead for about $50-$75 a head!

    I have just completed the "partial" assembly of a heat exchanger unit that fits directly over a woodstove....the rest has to be assembled on site due to size and weight. ( about 500+/- lbs!)
    It should afford us heat from the woodstove for up to 4+ hours after the fire goes out....
    Heavily insulated, and brick lined cans!

    Anyone out there that can "expand" on what is in JWR"s book the "Patriots", with regards to a "trench" cut into the side of a mountain?
    I looked at ours, (mountains), and IF I had some $25,000.00 in dynamite and the Army Corps of Engineers, I suppose it would be possible to do such a thing!
    Most people laugh and tell me I'm nuts for even thinking I could ever cut into the 3 mountains we have around us! ( primarily because it belongs to someone else!)
    But someone mentioned I should do that, as JWR's "patriots" says so.....?
    I have NO idea.....

    Well, I have to go back and get to work again, just stopped in to say hi!
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    I love it. Be safe, and it's great to hear what you are trying to accomplish!
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    Cool, thanks for the updates!

    Ya need to keep some good notes then you can make a book out of them and sell it LOL!
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    But of course, nothing that will give away location --
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