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    Does anyone remember the military operation that caused such a fuss last year?
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    Yes. I recall and we had a few threads on it. Though some say that it is happening now. If you listen to some of the "radical" radio shows they will tell you that troops are stationed all over. I heard one program that said 500 PC's in VT and lots of troops from other countries in-bedded in our society.

    So what about Jade Helm?
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    Jade Helm was for the SpecOps Boys.... They are few and far between, and I doubt very much, that the .MIL can afford to have these Guys just laying around.....
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    Well, I found this video a while back and it's something that kind of stuck with me.

    There are a few other videos you can find along with public documentation about the Jade II program proving that it is real. I have no idea if it's actually as in depth as the guy in the video makes it out to be or if it was even involved in the Jade Helm operation but this is part of the reason why I want to go off grid. It was enough to make me tape the cameras on my phone and delete my Facebook.
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    The fb is great for misinformation and disinformation.
    If you want everyone to think you are a tofu eating vegan liberal panty waste you can do it on fb.
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    SO..............Lets clear the Air about what Jade Helm is and what It isn't. This is an ongoing dress rehearsal of what if situations that the .Mil has and has been doing since before WW-2. What gets people all worked up is the tech involved AND the possable ( likely) use of foreign forces, now days wasn't much to worry about in years past as it seams too be now days! No country can afford to keep it's elite Spec-Op's folks off the res for very long and the logistics required to do that are startling! So exactly what the hell IS jade Helm? This is a training program for the U.S. mil and to train and operate with its allies ON U.S. SOIL, away from prying eyes that can see only what we want them to see. It is also a dispersment OP to train and integrate all civil and gov parties as to how to move large amounts of personal and equipment around a battle space while in conflict! Security has been the part of this set of OP's that has gotten people all worked up and the tin foil rolls out of the cubord. When a OP is being run, you have to have OP-SEC to allow unfettered movement, and if you have pockets of, or large scale resistance to those movements, you need a work around! What we have been seeing is simply the manifest of this training! The large movements and re distribution of Mil hardware Off the Res, has been part training, part real world! A large force with personal and equipment are vulnerable to attack when concentrated in a small area ( like an air base or an army base,or a naval yard!) so that's why we have seen all this equipment being moved! Another reason is likely routs of invasion! Pre positioning to counter any combo of threats that are likely to arise! SO..........Lets take a quick Look at a hypothetical situ! China tanks the economy on us and declares all U.S. debt is now due, we don't have that and we are not about to pay it any way, so we tell them to go pound sand up there jacksy, they send forces by air and sea to invade! The likely targets will be all deep water ports on the west coast as well as the gulf of mexico, and if done sneaky, even the easy coast will be vulnerable! Now, with our equipment housed conventionally, those bases are vulnerable to attack ( from.......Take your pick of modes) but if they don't know where to strike, we have removed most of that likely hood. So they are forced to a full frontal attack at a few serious points that have the most value to them, Los Angeles, San Fran, And Seattle being the major deep water ports they would have to take and secure, The Columbia River would also be a serious target! (Leaving the rest of the U.S. out of this for this senerio) We have the ability to move forces and equipment to the hot spots quickly and because we have practiced doing so under mock conditions of unrest with in ( due to attack, financial melt down, E.M.P. attack, Nuke attack ect.) as well as the possibility of having un welcome combatants, we can effectively stop and turn back any invasion! So, looking at this, we have the ability to use this in any possible combo of situ that may come from any enemy we may yet face and in any direction they may come! That my friends is what Jade helm really is!
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    That's a very good explanation. Thank you for clarifying what exactly they are doing but what do you think the long term goal is? Do you think that the video I posted has any credibility?
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  8. Ura-Ki

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    I cant say as to how valid that video may be, but I can say that the stuff we are hearing isn't even close to what is actually out there as far as tech goes. Could be a massive real world test of this going live, could be something else, I do think there is something like this "super Computer" that sort of over watches things and relays real time info all over the battle space. Long term goal? Most likely what I posted, Prepping for invasion and or other attack from an enemy.
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    This thread is about half a micropost from moving into the TFH.
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    Sort of linked to Jade Helm was the closing of several Wal-Mart stores in those southwestern USA states. They were allegedly shut down for 6 months of plumbing renovations, but the timing seemed to be coordinated with those military OPs, at least outwardly. Does anyone know if any of those Wal-Marts that were closed ever re-opened with new "plumbing", and the employees given their old jobs back?
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    You haven't done that, yet? I usually turn off the camera in my phone and disable the GPS by the program settings and even snip the actual connection, if possible. When I access Facebook (semi-annually), I only do so for family. I immediately delete all cookies and run a complete scan (AV and malware) afterward. And, I only access FB from a PC, never a phone app.

    But, Jade Helm. Yeah. Been following these military exercises since the early 90's. Mostly, they have to do with building rapport with local law enforcement and emergency personnel in the "event" of a "disaster". Since the DHS and the Patriot Act came around, these exercises have stepped up to include terrorism ™ response and specialized emergency resettlement/relocation in the case of an "emergency". We've seen how Katrina was handled, this is only one example. There doesn't even need to be any conjecture or "conspiracy theory" to warrant a move to the "Tinfoil" section of the forum, because we do, in fact live in a corporate controlled fascist oligarchy, and the police have been heavily militarized, the citizenry are the potential enemies. This is all defined and outlined in the FBI training materials found all over the web, military operating procedures, also found all over the web, and numerous government policies, also freely available on the internet.
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    And that ties right in to Obummers Exc order defining military rules of engagement on US soil that he dropped on us just the other day! I can tell you, the US mil allready has rules defining it's actions HERE, so why the heck roll out a new exc order to that effect? Me dosn't think the "tinfoil" needs to be that thick on this thread/
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    President Trump tweeted this two hours ago:
    "Radical Left Governor @JayInslee and the Mayor of Seattle are being taunted and played at a level that our great Country has never seen before. Take back your city NOW.
    If you don’t do it, I will. This is not a game.
    These ugly Anarchists must be stooped IMMEDIATELY. MOVE FAST!"

    Then I remembered Jade Helm. Trump knew his crap was coming and he had our boys training for it.
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    TFHL seems an apt home for this thread. (y):LOL:
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    While the base is now closed, we live about 25 miles from a training base that was used in the 70's and 80's. Across the street from us is a flood control dam with a couple roads and no houses for a couple miles. There were some large open fields and the farmer that owned them got paid more for them that the hay was worth. Helicopters and even some paratroopers. Used to sit on my front porch and watch. The aircraft would come over the house at about 500 feet and sometimes they had a-10s as well. A col stopped by just before it all began and gave his little canned speech and asked if it was going to be a bother, said only problem was envy. Don't know about now, but then they wanted to practice in areas that the troops hadn't memorized Land 2 miles away, set up positions and then hump it to attack site, lots of practice areas now I guess, don't see them anymore.
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    This has always been the likely scenario. But the jeniuses didn't think that China wouldn't bomb and destroy all their real estate--they did it without firing a shot.[nutkick]
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    China isn't going to cross the Pacific with 2 shitty jump carriers and a sub to invade the US, the coast guard could probably stop them.
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    They’ll get Rocket Man to send a nuke somewhere in the US then say all the troops coming over are for humanitarian relief and far too many of the idiot politicians in this country will say OK
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    The problem is high altitude nuclear emp doesn't effect ground 0 much, it doesn't effect regions to the east and west as much as it does the north and south. The emp follows earth's lines of magnetism.
    So it would have to be multiple strikes because they better take out the texas grid, west coast grid and the east coast grids and the entire US navy.
    North Korea has a bad habit of blowing up rockets on the launch pad or with in 90 seconds after liftoff so they don't even have the delivery system competency.
    Oh and we don't even know for sure if their nukes are rocket deployable.
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