jail time for no meds

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    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Armando Rodriguez was warned several times to continue taking his tuberculosis medicine.
    At one point, authorities said, he told his case officer he stopped the treatment out of concern for his liver while binging on alcohol and methamphetamine.
    So on Tuesday, authorities took the unusual step of arresting Rodriguez and charging him with refusing to comply with a tuberculosis order to be at home at certain times and make appointments to take his medication.
    It's a move that divides public health officials.
    "I think it's an error to confine someone in the criminal justice system for a public health crime," said Lawrence Gostin, a Georgetown University public health law professor who drafted a model law adopted by several states struggling with the issue. "The whole intention is to protect the public's health. It's not to lay blame on someone."
    Health officials say Rodriguez, 34, of Stockton has active pulmonary tuberculosis, which can include coughing up blood or phlegm and can spread through the air.
    Rodriguez has been noncompliant with his treatment and could become contagious as a result, Ginger Wick, nursing director for San Joaquin County, said in a letter requesting a warrant for Rodriguez's arrest.

    Really? first of all sounds like if he died it would be no great loss anyway, but crimanal punishment for medication compliance, my son better not give me any problems when he needs his cough meds. "I don't care how bad it taste, do you want to go to jail ?"

    Guess I will sit back down and watch this country circle the drain some more[dunno]
  2. Alpha Dog

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    I seen this yesterday make you wonder whats next.

    I just don't understand people the goverment knows whats best for them and if they would just go along with the re-programing No noo_O I mean the program it would be a safer, healtier America:sick:The nano-Bots they are putting in our bodies are for our on good[tinfoil101]Big Brother loves us and I got all this info from Big Brother himself and if you guys don't believe me[patr]you will see. Just read the CDC, FEMA and Homeland Security Web pages they would not lie to us never. They care!!!! So come on guy's join Big Brother in his quest to make us productive citizens[sheep] in the New Amerika[kneelsuckers]or risk being a classified as a disruptive citizenOSBThe productive citizen vacsination don't hurttaser1 trust them I had mine and Im okay[angel] do yall hear those voices or is it just me?[peep] (LOL)

    I am bored not working today
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    "Rodriguez, 34, of Stockton has active pulmonary tuberculosis, which can include coughing up blood or phlegm and can spread through the air."

    Anybody up for sitting in a BART rail seat next to him ?

    I don't have a problem with jailing his drunk, methhead azz as long as it's a bio-hazzard level 4 cell.
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  5. ghrit

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    Quarantine used to be mandatory for active TB. WTF is he doing on the streets?
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  6. Alpha Dog

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    In earlier time the people with TB was locked away in asylum's to die and be experimented on. That like aids in L.E.O., EMS/Rescue and Medical that and hept is my two biggest fears. I can fight a man but something like this you are almost always on the losing end plus it's against a persons rights to tell another L.E.O. or EMS/Rescue. So what we do is if we know of a person we pass it on by using the term glove up. We have a good bunch of EMS/Rescue and ER Med staff that uses the code with us to help pretect us all.
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  7. limpingbear

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    Okay....no need to arrest the guy. Just put him in court ordered quarentine and make sure he gets his meds. Once and if he is cured turn him loose. This is a public saftey issue and not a criminal one. They put typhoid Mary in quarentine until here death....TB could be just as bad....
  8. Brokor

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    Wait. San Francisco? Contagion? Loose?

    Where's the problem?
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  9. RightHand

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    I have a complete understanding of the public health and public safety concern but I have a big problem with opening the door even wider to governmental intervention in communicable health issues. Next, a person with hepatitus might be be subject to incarceration. Could we be arrested for going to work with the flu or sending our children to school with a cold? And then there's the biggie, HIV/Aids.

    Do I want to be sitting next to a guy with TB on a bus? No, of course not and quarantine and isolation is reasonable but arrest? I keep thinking back to Alpha Dog's thread about what freedom means to you and there were some pretty strong opinions about government intervention.

    There are no easy answers but I do believe that every time we allow an infringement on our personal freedom to go unchallenged because it is for "the greater good," we are greasing the cog of governmental control of our very existence
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  10. BTPost

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    RH, Criminal Arrests are only be made, AFTER the subject has been shown to have violated a Court Ordered Quarantine. The Court of Record, then would issue a Criminal Arrest Warrant, for violation of ITS Court Decree..... So it is a Three step process..

    1. Local Public Health notifies the subject that he is under a Quarantine Order.
    He violates that.....
    2. PH goes to Court to get a Court Order, and showing the subject has violated
    the PH Order. Judge signs a Court Order to Quarantine the guy, and the
    local Leo Serves it, along with the PH folks.
    He violates that Court Order....
    3. PH & local LEO go back to court and show the subject is in violation of the
    imposed Court Order. The Judge issues a Criminal Arrest Warrant, which
    ANY LEO can use to effect the Arrest. Subject is in the Slam, until the
    Judge decides he can go free, PERIOD.

    The subject get three bites at the Freedom Apple, before he is adjudicated a menace to society....

    Is there room for skullduggery, You bet, but IF one looks at this issue reasonably, three bites should
    be sufficient for anyone to get his case across if it is malicious....
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  11. larryinalabama

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    Lets see in California, a prisoner gets a scratch or cant watch tv..........then gets tb jerry brown wont be able to balance budget
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  12. Alpha Dog

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    What scares me is if they can do forced quarantine on this guy or criminal charges where will it lead next? Who's to say this wont set the grounds for the goverment to issue a full quarantine later down the road using this as case law. 20 years ago I would say yes this is being done for whats best for the public and Im sure the inital intent her is for public safety but when someone with a different mindset looks at it where does it go from there. This is a hard one to be answered and will be what is called a leagal violation of his rights, just as the goverment has classified taking of land for the betterment of the community and what farmers can sell at the market. (legal violation of ones right for protection or the betterment of the public.)
  13. Gator 45/70

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    Put'em in the Fema camp's for safe keeping...I mean this is what they were built for...Right ???

    We have a law down here about the knowningly spreading of HIV/AID'S...
    Automatic 10 years'...
    Several are doing time...None have made it out of prison alive...Problem solved Louisiana style...
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  14. Redneck Rebel

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    The local TB hospital still stands. Interesting place to visit so long as you are skilled at avoiding detection by law enforcement, as they have standing orders to arrest trespassers.
    The Lima Tuberculosis Hospital
  15. mysterymet

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    Maybe its just time to thin the herd a bit. Come on what good is this meth head to society? Isolate his contagious butt and then if he refuses meds and dies its his own fault and we can just chalk it up to natural selection. I am all for liberty but when his exercising his right not to take meds stomps on others rights to life
    Liberty and the pursiut of happiness (which would disappear for some of his victims if he infected them) the lock his butt up!
  16. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    I agree probally no big loss and he could be a risk to the public and I for sure don't want him any where around me or the people I know and care about. But I also think that we have to be careful my opinon if he don't want to take his meds fine banish him from the community place him on a island and others who feel as he does and they can die off together. Where in my opinon this gets touchy say they lock this guy up to force him to take his meds for the publics welfare. Now 5 years down the road the anti-gun people start pulling stat's of how many people have been kill by guns, how many were murder, how many was accident. Then figure how many could have been prevented by not having guns. Now Big Brother agrees they force gun owners to turn over all firearms to protect the ones who find them dangerous. Now it's a crime to posess a gun or the ammo the say after years of exposure you can get led poision. I know this is a stretch but look what toher things they have done to us that we never thought they would.
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