Japan orders military to strike any new North Korea missile launches

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    TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan has ordered a destroyer in the Sea of Japan to strike any ballistic missiles that may be launched by North Korea in the coming weeks after Pyongyang fired a Rodong medium-range missile over the sea, a government source said on Saturday.

    Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera issued the order on Thursday, but did not make it public in order to avoid putting a chill on renewed talks between Tokyo and Pyongyang, the first in more than a year, local media reported earlier.

    "The defense minister made the order from April 3rd through to the 25th to prepare for any additional missile launches," the source said.

    Onodera, the source said, did not deploy Patriot missile batteries that would be the last line of defense against incoming warheads.

    Media reports said the North Korean-Japanese talks in Beijing this week broke no new ground, but ended with an agreement for further meetings.

    The firing of the Rodong coincided with a meeting in The Hague between U.S. President Barack Obama and the leaders of South Korea and Japan and followed a series of short-range rocket launches.

    The launch appeared to be a show of defiance by North Korea.

    The missile fell into the sea after flying 650 km (400 miles), short of a maximum range thought to be some 1,300 km.

    Japanese Aegis destroyers in the Sea of Japan are equipped with advanced radar equipment able to track multiple targets and carry missiles designed to take out targets at the edge of space.
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    Well its starting to get warm now...
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    It has been so many years that it is on the edge and on the verge of a renewed war in Korea.

    An earthquake in that area might be enough to freak them out and be the trigger. I wonder how may active tunnels they have under the DMZ?

    Korean Demilitarized Zone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Incursion tunnels

    Entrance to the North Korean-dug 4th Infiltration Tunnel, Korean DMZ.
    Since November 15, 1974, the South has discovered that four tunnels crossing the DMZ have been dug by North Korea. This is indicated by the orientation of the blasting lines within each tunnel. Upon their discovery, North Korea claimed that the tunnels were for coal mining; however, no coal has been found in the tunnels, which are dug through granite, but some of the tunnel walls have been painted black to give the appearance of anthracite.[24]

    The tunnels are believed to have been planned as a military invasion route by North Korea. Each shaft is large enough to permit the passage of an entire infantry division in one hour, though the tunnels are not wide enough for tanks or vehicles. All the tunnels run in a north-south direction and do not have branches. Following each discovery, engineering within the tunnels has become progressively more advanced. For example, the third tunnel sloped slightly upwards as it progressed southward, to prevent water stagnation. Today, visitors may visit the second, third and fourth tunnels through guided tours.[25]

    The first of the tunnels was discovered on November 20, 1974, by a South Korean Army patrol, noticing steam rising from the ground. The initial discovery was met with automatic fire from North Korean soldiers. Five days later, during a subsequent exploration of this tunnel, U.S. Navy Commander Robert M. Ballinger and ROK Marine Corps Major Kim Hah Chul were killed in the tunnel by a North Korean explosive device. The blast also wounded five Americans and one South Korean from the United Nations Command.

    The tunnel, which was about 1.2 m (4 ft) high by 0.9 m (3 ft) wide, extended more than 1 km (0.62 mi) beyond the MDL into South Korea. The tunnel was reinforced with concrete slabs and had electric power and lighting. There were weapon storage and sleeping areas. A narrow gauge railway with carts had also been installed. Estimates based on the tunnel's size suggest it would have allowed approximately 2,000 KPA soldiers (one regiment) to pass through it per hour.[26]

    The second tunnel was discovered on March 19, 1975. It is of similar length to the first tunnel. It is located between 50 and 160 m (160 and 520 ft) below ground, but is larger than the first, approximately 2 by 2 m (7 by 7 feet).

    Main article: Third Tunnel of Aggression
    The third tunnel was discovered on October 17, 1978. Unlike the previous two, the third tunnel was discovered following a tip from a North Korean defector. This tunnel is about 1,600 m (5,200 ft) long and about 73 m (240 ft) below ground.[27] Foreign visitors touring the South Korean DMZ may view inside this tunnel using a sloped access shaft.

    A fourth tunnel was discovered on March 3, 1990, north of Haen town in the former Punchbowl battlefield. The tunnel's dimensions are 2 by 2 metres (6.6 by 6.6 ft), and it is 145 metres (476 ft) deep. The method of construction is almost identical in structure to the second and the third tunnels.[28]
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    "Stupid is, as Stupid does" Such places and tactics are useless, once discovered, as all one needs to do is drop a couple of hundred pounds of Granular Plutonium down the Exit, and the Tunnel will KILL any Troops coming thru it, in a day, and make them very sick in a few hours. So ends any Combat Force using tunnels..... You plug the ENDS, and it was a dumb Idea....
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    You would have to do it in a manner that was both Unknown and unrecoverable. Or it would be removed by stealth and used against you.
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    They are a first strike weapon and if they are sleeping with the rumored 20 tunnels which can move 30,000 infantry an hour in just a few hours and you wake up with a million North Koreans at your 6 with tanks and infantry rolling a cross the DMZ not to mention missiles and artillery make the tunnels a moot point.

    • October 6, 2012: An 18 year old North Korean Army private defected to South Korea. He was apparently not detected as he crossed the DMZ and had to knock on an ROK barracks door to draw attention to himself. The soldier later told investigators that he had defected after killing two of his superiors.[19][20]
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