Japanese WWII Soldier Who Hid in Jungle 29 Years Dies

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    For Hiroo Onoda, war ended in 1974

    965155-6-20140117020329. (Newser) – Former Japanese Imperial Army soldier Hiroo Onoda has died at the age of 91—roughly 40 years after he stopped fighting World War II. Onoda, the last Japanese soldier to surrender, hid out in the jungles of the Philippines for almost 30 years after 1945, only coming out of hiding in 1974. The straggler formally surrendered—still wearing his uniform—to Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos after his former commander flew out to rescind his 1945 order that Onoda stay there and spy on American forces, the AP reports. The New York Times reports that Onoda was with three comrades on Lubang Island when the war ended; believing leaflets attesting to the war's end to be Allied propaganda, they lived off bananas, coconuts, stolen rice, and cows they killed, and constructed bamboo huts.

    One of the men surrendered five years later; the others were shot and killed by police, the last just two years before Onoda emerged. The Guardian reports that he "wept uncontrollably" when he eventually gave up his rifle—still "perfectly serviceable" after all those years, and one he may have used to kill as many as 30 locals that he mistook for enemies. A Japanese government spokesman praised Onoda for his unbreakable spirit: "After World War II, Mr. Onoda lived in the jungle for many years and when he returned to Japan, I felt that finally, the war was finished. That's how I felt." After the war finally ended for him, Onoda bought a ranch in Brazil before returning to Japan to run a children's nature school. "I don't consider those 30 years a waste of time," he said in a 1995 interview. "Without that experience, I wouldn't have my life today."

    Japanese WWII Soldier Who Hid in Jungle 29 Years Dies - For Hiroo Onoda, war ended in 1974
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    That's dedication for you. I can only hope for a fraction of his fortitude.
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    Am on the other side of the coin about him. Any sensible person knew that the war was over. Thinking that he was just a die hard, emperorer worshiping, nut case. No way he could have thought the war was still ongoing.
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    Possible he just liked the lifestyle. Here in the states more than a few living it. Without killing the locals............for the most part.
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    Yea, Killing locals is a very good way to get the local Sheriff, out looking for you......
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    And with a large posse.
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    The man epitomised the warrior spirit and the code of Bushido, he was a soldier's soldier who held out to the very end and would have stayed out unless he was ordered to stand down and for this I respect him.

    There were a couple of holdouts left on Guam when I served back in the 70's.
    Occasionally they'd take a few shots at us on the road up to Anderson AFB.
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