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Discussion in 'Technical' started by CATO, Sep 27, 2012.

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    For an oldawg explain slowly and in small words, do I have or need Java on a linux(ubuntu) computer? thanks.
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    some websites won't work without it. some software won't work without it. You can un-install and see if it affects you. If so, you can re-install.

    you might be able to set up a "user" that is highly locked-down (perhaps like you would do for a kid) and have java just for that user. so, if your bank requires java, only access it from that secured user account. but, be careful, many programs like to hide their own version of java in different places and will access them there. you also need to go into your startup path and check to see where all the versions might be and remove them. path execution goes in order of occurance (i.e., if you have two listings, your computer will take the first one it comes to).

    BUT, they didn't give much in the way of details about the vulnerability. especially with linux, you have to have admin privileges to do basically anything (sudo), so, I'm not sure what this threat does to the system from the browser for linux.

    I have to use some software that ONLY works with java 6.26 or less (to 6.0)--a real PITA. JAVA is a good idea, but poorly implemented. Just my opinion.
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    Thanks Guit, looks like I need to get one of the Grands over doesn't it ?
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    Oh, thought this was a Coffee Shortage Thread!!! o_O
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    Seems after finding and uninstalling anything an admin. search brought forward with a JAVA applet nothing that I use doesn't work.I guess in my case what little of this computer software actually used doesn't need it. Thanks.
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