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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by preliator, Nov 27, 2005.

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    Okay let me explain my problem with hopes that i can get an honest answer that wont cost me a ton of money.
    I have an old savage model 99, lever action in .308 cal. I aquired this firearm from my dads estate. the problem is a few years back while at the range sighting in, i fired the rifle. when i fired the 3 or 4th round the forestock blew clean off the gun. needsless to say it has been in the gun safe since.
    what actually happened is, there is a small clip that is oval in shape and contoured to fit below the barrel. its only purose is to secure the fore-stock to the barrel. it is the female connection. it appears as if it were silver soldered to the barrel when made.
    My question is I do not want to replace the barrel and cant find a gunsmith locally to re-weld the clip in place out fo fear of weaking the barrel. Can I use JB-Weld to affixe the clip to the barrel and will it hold up under fire? I have seen alot of folks on other forums use it to build out there ruger 10/22's but this is a bit different. I can bed the mortise a bit deeper if i need to in the forestock to accomodate any extra headspace the JB-Weld creates with little effort.
    I just dont wish to go for my lungs fixing it as it means a bit to me being it was dads, i just cant find or afford a new barrel with the clip in place.
    thanks for your help
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    I wouldn't trust JB weld to hold it. If it broke a weld it is bound to break JB-Weld. As far as another solution...I will have to ponder that one.
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    Having more time to think about it, if it is soldered, I would probably just mill out the old base, and cut a dovetail slot there. Probably use a dovetail blank, like go in the dovetails for a rear sight. Thread it, and use a longer screw, you just won't have as many threads. I would still Accraglass it in, but I think it would hold. Recoil tries to move the forend forward-Newton's First Law- but a good tight dovetail slot applies that force into the barrel, and should hold.
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