Jeep production to move to Italy?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gunbunny, Oct 29, 2012.

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    Well I believe the diesel they use is from Italy, so I guess the whole vehicle was the next move.

    Teach us to have higher Corp taxes!
  3. -06

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    With a jobs czar that ships thousands of his jobs to China what can we expect from other corps.? He is the CEO of G.E. and they have closed many of their plants across the US and moved them to other countries. Nobammy picked a real winner in him--like the rest of his cronies.
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    Par for the course, with this criminal misadministration...... sad days here in the good old USA.
  5. melbo

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    Didn't they just have a strong campaign about how to rebuild america by rolling up our shirt sleeves and working hard to recover? like last year?
    From here on out, I'll only buy Korean cars. or Ferrari...
  6. tacmotusn

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    The left is shouting loud and clear that this is a bald face lie. They also claim that the auto makers are claiming this to be a right wing lie. Since I take all things said by politicians and unions as questionable if not outright lies, it leaves me unsure as to what the truth is. I do know that it is also said that military sub-contractors are being told to withhold releasing info of major layoff due to happen after the 1st of the year due to cancellation of military contracts already in the pipeline.
    Obummer is a proven liar on a world class scale so I lean to believing the right over the left.
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  7. ghrit

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    Even the Chinese owners of Chrysler stocks are saying it's a lie. Can't help wondering who started the story and what credibility whoever has. All a lefty would have to do is whisper it in a righty ear, and away we go. May all their offspring bleed from the ears.
  8. NWPilgrim

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    If you read the link in the article it is a BusinessWeek source. And it does state that Fiat is considering producing jeeps in Italy to sell in North America. Not for sure but thinking.

    Many politicians on both parties champion "free trade" which means goods produced in countries with cheapest labor and sold in biggest consumer countries. Devastating to first world manufacturing and heavily favors China and least favors the US.
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