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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by leac, Mar 23, 2006.

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    While Jeff is a very entertaining author, and created many neat aspects of today's training and competition, he's about the last guy I'd ask about defensive firearms selection.

    The 223 is ok, according to Jeff, as long as it's used in an AUG or a Mini-14. The AR- series is a fine rifle, as long as it's in 308 caliber.

    Jeff has said that a 40 gr .22 caliber spitzer, at 2200 fps offers adequate stopping power, by means of hydrostatic shock, and then demeans a 40 gr 223 bullet going 50% faster than that (ie, 3300 fps) as being a mere "poodle shooter".

    Jeff has forgotten how happy he was, in WWII and Korea, that we had the M1 Garand, the BAR, and the M1 Carbine, against enemies with bolt actions. Now he claims that you are better off with a short ranged bolt action (with no luminous sights) than you are with an autoloading rifle.

    Jeff has said that:"You are no more armed because you have a gun than you are a musician because you own a guitar". Then, somehow, mere possession of a rifle converts you from being a "subject" into being a "citizen". Sorry, but one or the other is not true. If you need training, then you need training. The fact that you own a Scout Rifle doesn't change your need of training. Nor can it make the Scout Rifle more than a very low grade fighting arm.
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    Sounds like he has Kerry-itis or Flipper syndrome. While column writers, and "experts" are handy...practical experience and insight from ppl you KNOW and Trust is IMO more valuable. I don't put a lot of stock in most "experts."
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    Maybe he is just getting senile in his old age. Remember, you are talking about Col. Cooper, who just about wrote the book on modern handgun fighting, and started "Gunsite." I have a lot of respect for the man, but I may not agree with everything he says.
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    It's one thing to respect a man for his combat record

    (assuming that one can prove such actually exists, that is) or for his contributions to this or that. It's another to blindly believe any bs that he pens, which is what many thousands do with Jeff's writing.
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