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    (Not sure if this is the right place to put it – mods, please move this thread if it isn’t.)

    I’ve got a collection of Jerry Ahern ‘Survivalist’ ( novels to dispose of. If anyone is interested in taking them, please drop me a PM (and post a note in this thread.)

    Vols. 1-4, 6-17, 19.

    Books are in reasonably good condition; clearly used, but readable and suchlike. I’d probably rate them as ‘acceptable’ if I was posting them on eBay.

    Books are free – postage isn’t. I estimate postage within the UK to be around £10, posted outside the UK to be around £30. Payment via PayPal only.

    If interested, give me a note. This offer will expire Thursday 6th November, unless picked up first.

  2. ChrisNuttall

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    No takers? Ah, well. Books gone.

  3. GOG

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    That was a nice gesture. [winkthumb]
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