Jerry D. Young .... survival stories

Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by mrrk1562, Mar 11, 2009.

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    Re: Jerry D. Young ... survival stories

    Yeh Jerry contributes to regulrly with a huge amount of practical knowledge and uses that knowledge to write great stories that he publishes free.
    He's a good man.
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    Re: Jerry D. Young .... survival stories

    This link was in update when I checked it Jan. 26, 2011. tacmotusn
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    Re: Jerry D. Young ... survival stories

    Jerry D. Young, is a very good writer. He is published also, his book Shipwreck is excellect. I bought the other one also but have not read it yet.
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    Re: Jerry D. Young ... survival stories

    It's always great stuff from Jerry! I watch for anything new he puts out :)
    My only complaint is that the stories never last long enough!
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    Seacowboy's link is still good as of Feb 2018
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    great stories by jerry young
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    Online survival fiction, or the lack of it, was what landed me here. I'm still in search of any information on a story called Retirement that a fella who went by FireDawg was working on about ten years ago. It was a really exciting tale about a guy who retired from the military and settled in a small town, only to find corrupt police and local drug dealers that he had to deal with.
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    Jerry is currently selling newer versions of these stories on Amazon... as well as some books that have never placed in any of the forums..

    Don't forget to use the survival monkey log in to amazon...
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